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A few interesting tidbits

  • Well now, this might prove to be interesting:

A senior U.S. diplomat stationed in Cyprus has gone missing, the United States embassy said on Saturday.

[Update July 1st: From Reuters –  still missing…. “Cyprus is considered a very safe location for diplomats with attacks against foreign embassy staff rare.”]

  • From ‘Inside Iraq’ – the blog by Iraqi journalists working for McClatchy, who are based in Baghdad and outlying regions.

«I always wondered why it was called the “Green” Zone rather than the “any other colour” Zone – it had neither any green grass nor any other outstanding greenery – so why “green“?»

“President Bush’s veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act draws a line for ethical medical research that is in accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings about the sanctity and value of human life as well as human industry and science. “

Yes, this is the same president who while having “sanctity and value of human life” invades another country based on lies, slaughters the citizens of that country under the pretext of ‘saving’ them from the monstrous dictator who previously ruled their lives, and ushering in democracy…..

Mr. Tonkowich also cites George Weigand, who I truly find disingenuous.


Strong Sun Moon

Full moon tonight….will be out taking pictures. There’s a summoning tonight at Julia Davis Park.

Booyyy! If this isn’t spinning the top….


The vote, on an amendment to a 2008 spending bill for the Treasury Department and executive branch agencies, was defeated 217-209.

“We are pleased to see a bipartisan majority reject this political stunt,” said Cheney spokeswoman Megan McGinn.


217-209…..’bipartisan majority’ – 8 votes…… 217 against versus 209 for – that’s leaning a bit towards “a squeaker.” Rejecting a political stunt – kinda like the one where a CIA agent was ‘outed’ but not really ‘cuz we had no clue she was really Joe Wilson’s wife!’

Or as Digby says this morning:

“If any of the Dem contenders make it, we will have a president who speaks normal English, in complete sentences and responds to questions fluently and with real meaning. I can’t tell you what a relief that will be after these last six years of alien gibberish and bizarre, robotic responses that everyone has been pretending are normal ways of speaking.”



Boise’s census

The newest count for Boise, other cities in the Treasure Valley, and across the state were in the Idaho Statesman yesterday.

“Cities in Idaho with more than 20,000 residents, according to population estimates through July 1, 2006, by the U.S. Census Bureau.”

  • 1. Boise:198,638
  • 2. Nampa: 76,587
  • 3. Meridian: 59,832
  • 8. Caldwell: 37,056

Boise, Nampa, & Meridian were in the top three spots with Caldwell in 8th. This doesn’t encompass all the other ‘little’ towns in the Treasure Valley from Eagle to Kuna, Melba to Middleton, etc.

I checked last night, and the Boise census in 1960 was about 34,000 when I was in 1st grade at Hawthorne. We had these old wooden Army barracks or something akin. A new school was being built and by 3rd grade we were in that. Now, when we moved to Kuna in 1965, that population was 500. Dad said it’s somewhere around 12,000 or so now. A long way from the time when Gus Gosvenor was the town cop with Glenn Caskey as county deputy and could just tell your parents you were little shits.

Idaho Health Care for All

Julie at Red State Rebels put up an alert for ‘Idaho Health Care’ meeting July 23, 2007.

“A few weeks from now, Idaho Health Care for All will hold a public forum on its proposed plan, which would be a publicly financed, privately delivered, Idaho-administered single risk pool. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. Monday, July 23, at Hyatt Place Hotel, 925 N. Milwaukee, Boise, near the REI store”

Think I’ll put in for time off to attend.

Julie also had a website to “a website to promote single-payer national health insurance. It features Moore’s film but is run by Physicians for a National Health Program. ” Have to check it out and report back. 😉

Lil’ bit more fallout ….

Someone passed along this tidbit from the ‘War Room’ at Salon.com.


“Because of other individuals that were there, we felt it would detract from being able to bring a very important message to the people of Idaho.” — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, explaining why a press conference in Boise was moved from a public location to a private office after about 100 people showed up at the original site to protest the Bush administration’s policies on torture, Guantánamo Bay and the like.

What was the “important message” Gonzales wanted to discuss? “The concern,” the attorney general explained, “was to deliver the message about the important work being done at the [Fort Boise] Community Center.”

(edited: 10/13/07, 5:30 pm)

First ‘old-timer’ protest

I’m still psyched from the other day protesting Gonzales being in town on some bullshit gang reasons – Boise, he should’ve gone to Nampa and Caldwell.

While at Winco , bought a couple of Idaho Statesmans for the front page picture and happened to see the The Press Tribune and saw this picture. It was “Today’ s Photo.”

There’s my jolly fat self off to her right.