AG followup.

Heather just called and said my picture is splashed on the front page of the newspaper . Of course, there’s a bit about Diane’s ‘shout out’ to Gonzales’ rep. More prominent is the woman who was standing next to me. gonzo-protest1.jpgShe was r-o-w-d-y!

Diane’s response:

Boisean Diane Roberts, a member of the Idaho Peace Coalition who led the protesters in the songs and chants, had a more colorful response. What she called Gonzales can’t be printed in the newspaper.

“Just put ‘chicken’ and the four little dots,” she said. “Everybody in Idaho will know what I meant, believe me.”

Yep….that’s Diane. Of course, it doesn’t mention that I just happened to yell the same thing so the young man obviously heard it in stereo.

There’s also a couple of blips from KTVB about the protest.

[Update] From Fort Boise.

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