This will surely help our image abroad, no?

The Pan American Games have started in Brazil, Sao Paulo to be exact. In celebration of such, an employee of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) “scrawled on a whiteboard – Welcome to the Congo.” Well first off, ‘the Congo’ is in Africa, and secondly – um, I just don’t know. The logic of the “USOC media employee Kevin Neuendorf” just escapes me. He is quoted as saying he wrote it ‘cuz it’s like, really hot in Rio.’

So now – guess what? Ole’ Kev apparently doesn’t have a job any longer as media director:

The USOC issued a “deep apology to the people of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro” in a statement Saturday, and said the worker who wrote the phrase was disciplined and is no longer a member of the U.S. delegation to the games.

Via ‘Globe’: “.. a phrase replete of preconception . .” and cited that the temperature in Sao Paula was not much higher (in fact was lower) than the temperature in Colorado Springs, Colorado – the headquarters of said USOC, and where ole’ Kev works. Ooppsey!

For those who read Portuguese, here’s the story via ‘O Globo‘ newspaper in Brazil, complete with a picture of Kevin the doofus in front of the whiteboard. (I attempted via Babelfish to translate the web page from the ‘Globe‘; a couple of other pictures turned up for those interested.) Continue reading


Where to now, my sweet fascist?

While viewing the Henry Rollins video below on impeachment, this popped up afterward. It’s an interview of Ann Coulter by a Canadian interviewer, Bob McKeown. Her point is wrong but that doesn’t preclude her from attempting to catch him in a lie. Or does (did) she just not know that Vietnam is part of Indochina? I originally saw this – whoo! – back, back ….. found this to help (2005). If you watch the Henry Rollins clip, he also has a video letter to Ann.

This is how conspiracy theories start…..

I ran across a news blip last week about the U.S. defense military attaché assigned to the U.S. embassy on Cyprus reported as missing. I was checking on it a day dlater – not seeing anything in the MSM – and found an interesting take on ‘the situation.’ Of course, one never knows when a suicide is really a suicide. If ya look, don’t tarry too long.

The Incomparable Henry Rollins!