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Unabated killings and lives in particular peril

Along with yet another suicide bomber in Baghdad, who killed yet another few score of unsuspecting Iraqis, a tiny story appears on Reuters and at the end of the ‘bigger’ story on CNN. An Iraqi couple who worked for the U.S. embassy were found slaughtered which illustrates a significant problem for the Iraqi people who are definitively caught between a real rock and a hard place.

From CNN:

Separately, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker issued a statement Sunday announcing that two Iraqi citizens working at the embassy were killed “at the hands of violent extremists” after they were kidnapped in May….The statement said the Iraqi government would “relentlessly pursue those responsible.” Crocker said both employees — described as “our friends and our colleagues” — represented the “silent majority of Iraqis working to build a peaceful and prosperous future” there.

They are the true Iraq,” he said.

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Fire season

Update: Rotating power outages to the Boise Bench –

oh-oh….. too close to me for comfort.

The Wood River fire knocked out a power station in southern Idaho as well as the destruction of 40+ poles. One of the said power poles fell onto the substation and a transformer was knocked out (destroyed).
Yesterday afternoon, KTVB had a blip about a fire closing down a portion of I-84. Here’s an update of some of the fires burning in our valley with a bit about the fire down by Shoshone which was human caused unlike the others that began from dry lightning strikes.