Romancing the Crone

One of the most beautiful of blogs both in design and content I’ve run across is ‘Romancing The Crone.

Take a look around. It’s like drifting on a lake in the sunlight with a bit of a cooling breeze. It is absolutely wonderful. 



The musical gimmick, Live Earth, has moved on. I just have a problem with wealthy anyones telling me what I should be doing to change the world while their own hypocrisy is glaring. Fuck that shit!

However, thanks to Al Gore – this band, Nunatak, made up of five scientists working at British Antarctic Survey environmental station in Antarctica is getting some exposure along with the work they are performing. The NYT has a writeup about the musical acts with the first couple of paragraphs covering Nunatak and off to the side is a video interview with those comprising the group.

And amazingly, some English dude – Tim Worstall – announced Nunatak’s coming out a bit ago. It’ll give us an opportunity to visit internationally.

[How Many People Feel the Things We Feel]