“Sooner, or later, God’ll cut you down”

[Update: The judge has okayed the out pay of the $660 million settlement from the LA Diocese. Anything to avoid a trial. . . . . also Mary Beth at The Divine Democrat has a correlating story up as well.]

So, the LA diocese is going to fork out $600 million for the victims of sexual abuse. I wonder if that includes the victims featured in a documentary I saw, ‘Deliver Us From Evil.’ If you watch the trailer, take note of the priest, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, at the end in all his obstructionist glory – bishop of the diocese of Los Angeles.

In 2000-2001, I was attending Ursuline College in Ohio, majoring in Religious Studies, close to graduating in fact. I was fairly active in our parish, St. Pius X in Bedford, as an Eucharistic minister and a member of the Social Justice committee. This was the setting I found myself when the pedophilia scandal broke wide in Boston. The manner in which Cardinal Bernard Law in Boston handled the crisis, and most certainly as Bishop Anthony Pilla of Cleveland handled what went on there – my involvement in our parish and in the church began to seriously wan. I was thoroughly sickened and disgusted by what went on. Even more sickened when one nun in particular defended the priests involved from the Cleveland diocese. It was a battle to not lose respect for her as she had been involved in Comunidades Eclesiales de Base in El Salvador, along with my favorite priest – Fr. Bob, who truly had a genuine knack for short, sweet, to-the-point homilies. [We were in church at 9:00, out by 9:47 am, no later than 9:50 am, and usually sitting at ‘Chris’s Restaurant’ by 10:00 am for breakfast. The thing with Fr. Bob, those homilies were hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and on the money, AND he always had props. He was the prop king.]

I returned home to Idaho in summer 2002 and have yet to return to church. I’ve tried; I’m simply not interested and part of the reason is the betrayal described in this film, Deliver Us From Evil. The movie documents the tactics by Cardinal Mahoney, who had the gall today to say this: “There is no way to go back and give them their innocence.” Mahoney was the most evasive and greatest of hindrances, obstructing justice. He, as well as the priests who perpetrated the abuse heaped on girls, as well as boys, should be in jail. There isn’t a hell hot for this scum. As an example, a priest who happened to end up in Boise, Fr. Mel Baltazar, “an extern priest from the Philippines, Baltazar has a history of abuse of boys over a 20 year period while serving Diocese of Cleveland, Diocese of Philippines, US Navy, Diocese of Boise, Idaho, and Diocese of San Diego. He served as chaplain at an area hospital, pleading guilty to lewd conduct “with a 15-year-old boy he met while serving as chaplain at St. Alphonsus RMC in Boise. Prosecutors dropped additional abuse charges in return for the plea.”

Fine example of those who claim they are the representatives of Christ on earth, don’t ya think?

Go and tell that long tongued liar,
Go and tell that midnight rider,
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter,
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.

You can run on for a long time,

Run on for a long time,
Run on for a long time,
Sooner, or later, God’ll cut you down.
Sooner, or later, God’ll cut you down.


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  1. Sadly, it’s a pretty common story amongs the Jesusistanis. They hide behind a collar in pursuit of money or power, entirely too often. That’s why I just don’t trust organized religion of any form anymore.

  2. Hello! I just found your blog while reading Jolly Roger’s blog…I love what you’ve been writing.

    Regarding Mahoney, I was just working on a post about this story myself. Roger Mahoney’s brother, who is a retired priest, resides at my parish and fills in to do Masses from time to time. He’s been living there for his retirement for about 7…maybe more, years.

    He’s very much like his younger brother in some ways and I think it’s interesting to see the family dynamic there. He never talks about his brother, though, and I have to wonder if there is a little family feud going on. Father Mahoney doesn’t seem to like the lime-light like his brother, Cardinal Mahoney.

  3. JR –
    Nor is it limited to the Catholics; that’s just my branch. Organized religion is a sham with one goal in mind.

  4. Mary Ellen:

    JR’s blog is a trip, isn’t it.

    I found it infuriating knowing how obstructionist Mahoney (Crd) was to have such a touching statement. It was undoubtedly special for the occasoin.

    “There really is no way to go back and give them the innocence that was taken from them … The one thing I wish I could give the victims, I cannot — and that is a restoration to where they were originally,” Mahony, who leads the largest U.S. archdiocese, told reporters.

    “It should not have happened, and should not ever happen again,” he said.

    The fucker was the grandstander of them!! It should not have happened. It doesn’t matter now because he’s a Cardinal and that’s ALL he wanted.

    BTW: There’s a mistake in the URL of your ‘name’ so that I had to “hunt down” your blog via The Google. Fixed it!

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