Fuckin’ ReThugs

This is the headline that should have been splashed across this country…..

Republicans block vote on troop pullout

Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:28PM EDT


By Richard Cowan and Thomas Ferraro

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President George W. Bush’s fellow Republicans in the Senate on Wednesday blocked a Democratic proposal to force him to withdraw American combat troops from Iraq after a rare round-the-clock debate.

I’ve discovered Bob Geiger, who explains things so that I wonder how it is I didn’t understand them before, as in the Levin-Reed Amendment attached to the “big” Defense Authorization Bill [H.R. 1585 & S9301-S9310, S9317-S9366].

One of the jackasses speaking last night was Sen. John Thune (R) from S. Dakota; Thune came into the Senate by beating out Tom Daschle who was the incumbent, running for reelection. His pragmatism is lacking. One of his talking points was that those in the military with whom he spoke supported the Republicans’ approach and he expressed doubt that anyone in the military was opposed to the war and was not in agreement with the President’s policies. He was challenged for a few seconds by Sen Jim Webb from Virginia. Continue reading


Divorced from Reality

[Update: 9:25 am – This was on Reuters when I got up just now:

Breaking News


Senate blocks Democrats’ plan to withdraw troops from Iraq by next April 11:21am ET]

Got up to check out what’s been happening on the filibustering front. Inhofe from Oklahoma is up rambling about not checking with your representative on what their doing, you can do that on line.

Perhaps he might want to check out this article from Military.com. I’d call a good majority of these people ‘unhinged’ about the warring going on in Iraq and politics in general, especially of those who aren’t military but are “enthusiasts.” Isn’t that cute.

{Nearly 60 percent of readers who participated in a recent Military.com poll said the United States should withdraw its troops from Iraq now or by the end of 2008. More than 40 percent of the respondents agreed the pullout should begin immediately because “we’re wasting lives and resources there.”

A similar number of participants, however, felt that U.S. troops should remain in Iraq, with 41 percent of respondents concluding that America should fight “until the insurgency is totally defeated.”} Continue reading