Musical interlude: Eliza Gilkyson

A bunch of years ago I happened across a cassette for something like $1.99; it could’ve been even less, I don’t know. It was Eliza Gilkyson’s ‘Legends of Rainmaker.’ I’m fairly certain I purchased while going through my ‘Greenpeace! stage because the first cut is ‘Song of the Rainbow Warrior, Pt. 1’ with the album ending with ‘Part II.’ I’ve kept track, loosely, of Eliza Gilkyson. In 2004 when the Tsunami hit Sumatra, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, Gilkyson released a song as a donation getter for the victims. The website, ‘This is Texas Music has clips of the three songs I’m about to discuss with a biographical sketch of Gilkyson.

‘Requiem’ has this verse referencing “in the dark night of the soul” three times. Dark Night of the Soul is a book by St. John of the Cross that describes just that . . . . the meanderings of one soul in its darkest of hours.

‘in the dark night of the soul

our broken hearts you can make whole’

Sooo . . . . onto the hunt for the CD, ‘Paradise Hotel.’ It’s fantastic. It’s one I could listen to at least twice through and into the third round before the “OK, that’s enough!” sets in.

There are a couple of songs on the album that are definitely anti-Bush, one such is ‘Man of God

coalition of the willing and the judgmental
patricians, politicians, and the fundamentalists
you never have to tell them how the money’s spent
you never have to tell them where their freedom went
homophobes in the high command
waitin’ for the rapture like it’s disneyland
hide all the bodies from out of view
channel all the treasure to the chosen few


Another is Jedadiah – Eliza Gilkyson, a song about a remote ancestor (grandfather) who apparently was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and according to reports, Jedadiah Huntington, risked it all to join our colonial army.

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