Wildland fire update ….

Idaho currently has the most uncontained (0-99%) fires burning. There’s a lot of land on fire, almost 600,000 acres (934 square miles) – from the Idaho Statesman.

While no new fires were reported Saturday in Idaho, a fire near the Nevada border grew by 45,000 acres, bringing the state’s total blazes to 597,824 acres, or 934 square miles.

Watch this video.…even though in the Wenatchee Forest in Washington, it does give folks an idea of some of the stuff that goes on while fighting fires. The Forest Service has this reporting thus far today, and the National Interagency Fire Center has this map that monitors the drought lines in the West. The NIFC site also has a daily update of fires burning across the country, divided into specific regions.


Boise’s Twilight Criterion

It ‘used to be’ at midnight, buttt…..it’s a little dark then, so ……. for the sake of capitalizm, the time got pushed forward. It was still hot! Didn’t (and doesn’t) start to cool until after dark. It was 96°F when we were there. Living here all my life, I know ‘the spots’ to be, shortcuts, how much water to take, etc.