No indictment for Dr. Pou!


“A grand jury refused on Tuesday to indict a doctor accused of murdering four seriously ill hospital patients with drug injections during the desperate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, closing the books on the only mercy-killing case to emerge from the storm”. . . . . .

“Many people in New Orleans believed the three acted heroically under punishing conditions. Last week, a group of doctors and nurses held a rally on the anniversary of Pou’s arrest, and hundreds of people turned out to show support.”

Per the website that had been set up for Dr. Pou’s defense and support. A blog, Houston’s Clear Thinkers, I ran across has more, especially on the background of the case of Dr. Pou. There was a physician, a hospitalist, who I saw interviewed whom I never believed. And then there was that goddamned prosecutor, Foti. However, the New Orleans Times-Picayune is another good source.

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