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Unabated killings and lives in particular peril – update

A few weeks ago, a story appeared on CNN regarding yet another suicide bombing in Baghdad. Towards the end of the article was a tiny article on an elderly couple in the employ of U.S. Embassy there. Ryan Crocker, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, had the reckless arrogance to say these two souls were representative of “the silent majority of Iraqis working to build a peaceful and prosperous future. . . . . They are the true Iraq.” Not much else was said about them that I could find when I wrote about them.

I happened to be visiting The Bag at Bag News Notes and found a photo from the NYT regarding Iraqis who work for the Americans. The picture accompanied an unsettling exposé from George Packer in March of 2007 on those Iraqis who worked for the Americans and their plight to keep safe within their own country. The Bag also included a story from the NYT that documented the couple I’d mentoined a few weeks ago.

This is stark: “…… the insurgent umbrella group ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ claimed responsibility . . . . On May 30, the Islamic State of Iraq said on a jihadist Web site that the couple, who were Christian, held “important posts in the American Embassy” and warned that it would kill “the crusaders, their followers and those who lick their shoes.” ”

I was just surprised to find out the couple were Christian; Hazim Hanna and his wife Enel Meskoni.

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