Impeachment Friday


The World Can’t Wait


Friday –

Interesting bylines in this story from CNN. Language is a powerful tool and words are residue of that tool’s use. The depiction of who is who in Iraq, and overall in the “War On Terra!” perpuated by the fascistic Bushista is, by and large, flooded into the mainstream media (MSM). MSM is corporate media. It’s akin to the Catholicism prior to the Reformation . . . . welll – still, actually – but that’s another category. 😉

The headline reads: At least 17 killed as U.S., Iraqi forces battle Shiite militia

Story Highlights:

  • NEW: U.S. says at least 17 “insurgents” killed in fighting but no civilians in area
  • Hospital official: Two women among dead; 25 injured include women, children
  • Battle began when U.S., Iraqi forces raided militia member’s home, official says
  • One U.S. soldier killed in Diyala province on Thursday, military reports

The word insurgents is in quotation marks, and the very first sentence of the story reads: “At least 17 people were killed Friday when U.S. and Iraqi forces battled “rogue” Shiite militia members in Karbala after a raid, the U.S. military said.”

“Insurgents”, “militia members”, “ROGUE” –

……. oh, BTW – if no civilians were in the area, then why is the hospital saying that women & children were among the wounded?