Arrogance & meanness aren’t good qualities, Michael Vick

I don’t know a damn thing about Michael Vick. That’s primarily because I just cannot stand football. It doesn’t matter because this isn’t about football. What this is about is Michael Vick and his recent run-in with the law and allegations of dogfighting.

One of the things I found out while living in Ohio for a time was why certain people had certain breeds of dogs and what those breeds were used for as ‘entertainment’ or ‘sport.’ I was appalled as were most people with whom I discussed it. I have had dogs for pets. I worked in places where dogs were used as therapy animals and I’ve seen the impact of these animals on patients, especially children. It just never occurred to me that anyone thought about it any differently.

One thing I didn’t know was if it was even present in Idaho and if present, its prevalence. Nor did I realize the lack of severity in relation to the penalties for anyone’s promotion or participation. The local CBS affiliate, Channel 2, saved me a bit of the trouble in looking via the ‘tubes of the internets.’ As it happens, Idaho and Wyoming are the only two states in the union where the penalty for a dogfighting conviction is a misdemeanor. So, one’s participation in dogfighting is illegal here; however, the resultant penalty is jail time of to 6 months and/or $5,000 in fines. As the veterinarian interviewed in the video from Channel 2 stated, I would also hope this might change with the upcoming legislative session.

Interestingly as noted in the Statesman:

The United States Congress, not known for agreeing on much these days, recently stiffened the penalties for animal fighting without much partisan antics, passing the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act this session.

The House voted 368-39 in favor of the measure. Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson voted with the majority. Rep. Bill Sali voted against the bill. The Senate voted unanimously for the bill, which increases animal-fighting penalties to the felony level.

This was accomplished on May 3rd, this year. [Note: We’ll discuss Bill Sali another time. Yeah, yeah, he is one of those nut jobs.]

At any rate, I was rummaging around the Internet and found this in a round-about manner while checking out other blogs and photography. Blue Ridge Blog (somewhere in Appalachia) had this little entry about Michael Vick. As the author writes: “Perhaps I clung to the sheet of paper because what I witnessed on that hot South Carolina day, spoke volumes to me about his character then.” Yep, you can tell a great deal from a person simply by observation of their interactions with people, especially little people.


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  1. The plea bargain for the other defendant is a bad break for Michael Vick. I am very hesitant to draw conclusions, preferring to let the process work itself out. Having said that, it does not look good.

    I also wrote a column the other day about the Michael Vick situation. Unlike you, I am NFL obsessed, hence the column.

    If you like the column, let me know if you are up to a link exchange, since I get some pretty decent traffic.

    Also, I am competing at the bloggers choice awards, although not in the sports category.


  2. Sorry Eric, your comment was in the spammantor and I just noticed it today.

    I read over your blog. I’m pretty sure we differ politically. Plus I’m a cusser. It’s a release I don’t utilize in my ‘real life’ often.

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