More on Uncle Ted – “That’s all there is to it!”

Via ‘The Hill

Stevens has denied any appearance of impropriety in the home renovation, stating specifically earlier this month that every bill he and his wife received was paid with their personal money, “and that’s all there is to it.” The famously combative senator has acknowledged that the federal probe may complicate his reelection effort next year — a concept still almost unthinkable to many in Alaska, where Stevens’ talent for securing federal dollars has made him a legend.

He added, “I urge Alaskans not to form conclusions based upon incomplete and sometimes incorrect reports in the media. The legal process should be allowed to proceed so that all the facts can be established and the truth determined.” (Italics mine)


There’s an article in Anchorage Daily News that lists the specifics of the home in question:

Stevens’ 862-stevens02-400-x-262.jpgGirdwood house

• 10 rooms, 2,471 square feet

• Assessed value in 2007: $440,900 (includes 1/4-acre lot)

• Extensive remodel in 2000 that involved jacking existing dwelling up and constructing a new first floor beneath it to roughly double the square footage.

• Investigators are looking into the role of oil field services firm Veco in the remodeling project.

Now, all in all – that doesn’t seem particularly ‘excessive’ does it? 

Until you get to this!

I’m thinking salmon. . . .  fish-at-stevens-house.jpg

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