When is respect – respect?

Just the other day I ran across news of the Christians United for Israel ‘tour’ on several of the ‘Big Dog’ blogs – so it musta been important – 😆

Within the same time frame, I ran across this post at Alternate Brain (via Shakespeare’s Sister). The jist: Some young guy, 23, by the name of Stanislav Shmulevich, was arrested for allegedly tossing a Quran or two into toilets at Pace University in New York. Kathy at Shakespeare’s Sister also makes interesting points regarding the substitution of Jew/Torah for Muslim/Koran (Quran). Kathy also elucidates more on what’s proper in treatment of one’s Tanakh while in temple or in close proximity to say, a bathroom.

Now, coincidentally, I received an email from Brandi Swindell, who considers herself quite the local ‘political activist’ here and is intent on saving America for the Lord Jesus Christ. Much to my disgust, she uses a quote of Martin Luther King, Jr., at the top of each & every one of her emails as well as her web page: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” True enough. However, she apparently fails to grasp the incongruity of who she is, what she does and promotes as antithetical to what Rev M.L. King, Jr., ‘promoted.’ (*sigh…. I digress)

As she writes:

“Many of you know my good friend and advisor Rev. Pat Mahoney. He has been very helpful to Generation Life and the Keep the Commandments Coalition. He just left last night to lead a prayer delegation to Baghdad. I’ve included a media advisory below. Please keep Rev. Mahoney in your prayers this week.”

Below is the beginning of her ‘media advisory’:

‘American Prayer Delegation Leaves for Baghdad Today

Prayer Delegation will present to the Iraqi people an engraved stone display of the Ten Commandments as a gift from the Christian community of America. ‘ ……

It is important for the people of Iraq to know that the faith community of America stands with them during these challenging and difficult times.”

Notwithstanding that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis are Muslim and as Muslim may or may not be aware of the 10 commandments as it’s not ‘part’ of their indoctrination. It’s not their doctrine. So why, WHY – would you give as a gift something that elucidates YOUR religious choice, your beliefs, and expect it to be embraced by an individual(s) to whom you are giving it AND whose religious beliefs are NOT yours?

Wait – don’t answer it yet!

Here’s a little background for ya. Pat Mahoney was at one time, the head of Operation Rescue, who is now director of ‘Christian Defense Coalition’. Brandi Swindell is a local who has formed a couple of groups, one being ‘Generation Life’ engendered with the help of Pat Mahoney, and whose focus are life, love, sex, & abortion issues. The other group was ‘Keep the Commandments Coalition.’

Per the front page, Keep The Commandments Coalition:

The Keep The Commandments Coalition is a citizens group backing an initiative to put a new Ten Commandments monument in Julia Davis Park. The one that stood there since 1965 was moved out of the park earlier this year by a vote of the city council.

Julia Davis Park had a 10-commandment monument placed sometime in 1965, donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Boise. Some years later, enter Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist (Kansas) and God Hates Fag fame. In the aftermath of Matthew Shephard’s death in 1998, Phelps wanted to have placed in Julia Davis Park a plaque “dedicated” to Matt Shephard‘s homosexuality, addressing his demise and the subsequent residence of his soul. His rationale was that as the park had this 10-commandment monument there was no reason HE could not put his monument, notwithstanding the loathsome message upon the plaque. Phelps threatened a lawsuit to have the City of Boise comply with his request. The city council of Boise then voted to have the 10-C monument removed without a lot of input from residents, and it was removed by city (Parks Dept, I think) workers. There was a great hullabaloo and a coalition was formed. The City announced the 10-C was moving; praying-around-the-10-c.jpg some folks were arrested, the 10-C monuments was moved to the Episcopalian cathedral downtown, St. Michael’s. Thennnn….it went up to be placed on the ballot as a referendum; so signatures were required, enough signatures were collected, referendum went on the ballot, the referendum was defeated by the people of this community. The goddamned monument is STILL at St. Michael’s – which incidentally – sits directly across the street from the Capitol building.

And so what often happens when I get onto some fucking tangent regarding the dimwits intent on turning this country into a theocracy – I can’t remember my point. I await yours. It’s obvious I need help. 🙄


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  1. We regularly feature them in the category “Jesusistan.” We got much amusement from “Holy Joe” LIEberman hooking up with a bunch that wants to see his ass on fire in Jerusalem.

  2. The problem is, JR, they’re not the ‘majority.’ These type of fucks are a very VOCAL minority. The majority of Christians, which includes relapsed, no-longer-believing in Mary rose into the heavens, Catholic like myself – DO NOT believe in their bullshit apopcolytic bullshit…..is that too redundant?

  3. People of faith have an obligation to start asserting themselves. The Jesusistanis are giving Christianity a color that may haunt it later. I certainly don’t trust any organized religion anymore, and there are a few more of me every day.

  4. People of faith have an obligation to start asserting themselves.

    Absolutely! Not saying anything is sometimes akin to silent approval.

    “The Jesusistanis” – I love the new labels assigned to these fucktards.

    Anyone involved in organized religion who becomes disillusioned can understand where you’re coming from and most likely will be in hearty agreement with your assessment of not trusting organized religion. It doesn’t offer much for one’s trust. The latest out of LA in Mahoney’s wake is a prime example.

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