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I love the interaction of blogs and there is SUCH an array out there ….. just floating until captured by your laptop. I can barely justify being on the Internet because we are so swamped at work. I rarely think about work away from work and now I’m just about consumed with it. I go to work, come home to read up or catch up, maybe throw something of interest to me up here, go to bed – get up the next morning & start over. Does that sound like anyone else’s life? I mean, I feel, welll ….


. . . . just about overwhelmed. And that’s after coffee! Continue reading


Mr. Rove, You’re a Cowardly Pig

I cannot tell you how freakin’ disgusted I am with this news!


White House To Invoke Executive Privilege For Cowardly Pig Rove


John Dean wrote this a few months ago:

One further disclosure: I have never been an advocate of executive privilege, except as it might relate to the most sensitive national security information. To the contrary, you show me a White House aide who does not want his conversations and advice to the president revealed, and I will show you someone who should not be talking with or advising a president.

As Mr. Fielding wrote as explanation of why the administration was ‘forced’ to behave in this manner. Continue reading