Mr. Rove, You’re a Cowardly Pig

I cannot tell you how freakin’ disgusted I am with this news!


White House To Invoke Executive Privilege For Cowardly Pig Rove


John Dean wrote this a few months ago:

One further disclosure: I have never been an advocate of executive privilege, except as it might relate to the most sensitive national security information. To the contrary, you show me a White House aide who does not want his conversations and advice to the president revealed, and I will show you someone who should not be talking with or advising a president.

As Mr. Fielding wrote as explanation of why the administration was ‘forced’ to behave in this manner.

“It is regretted that the committee has forced this action, as the president’s offer of accommodation to you and to the House Judiciary Committee could have provided information being sought in a manner respectful of presidential prerogatives and consistent with a spirit of comity,” wrote White House Counsel Fred Fielding.

The offer by the White House: Messrs Rove & Jennings could testify on two conditions*. Their testimony would not be under oath; and, no transcribing of their testimony to take place. Exactly, so they could lie profusely, and there would be absolutely no record of their lies.

*[Just saw this at CNN: “Mark Paoletta, a lawyer for Jennings, told CNN his client will appear before the Judiciary Committee but would refuse to answer questions he feels are covered by executive privilege. Former White House political director Sara Taylor testified under similar circumstances in July.”]

They’re not cagey or clever. They’re cowards.

It’s time to push right back. It’s time to knock them down a peg or two – or just out.

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