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Sheila Jackson Lee & watching Amistad – again

Just finished watching the movie Amistad – again. It is a truly powerful film.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it – 12, 13 . . . . but each time certain scenes still fill me with repugnance. Each time certain scenes fill with me sentimentality. I’m forever appalled at the brutality of using people as anchors to assist in another’s drowning, and the starkness of a posted announcement advising the sale of ’10 Negro persons’ always sickens me.

One might think that after all this country has been through, all that we’ve lost, gained, and traded away, we would have a more aware constituency. I think the constituency has lapsed into what Pink Floyd termed “comfortable numbness.”

“What kind of place is this where laws almost exist? ” Cinque roars.

Exactly….what kind of places is this where laws almost exist. We’ve ‘almost’ kept (have) our constitution. We ‘almost’ have a bill of rights to ‘almost’ protect us. We ‘almost’ have a republic. Almost….. had.

We have Sheila Jackson Lee thundering¤ on the House floor and yet we still , STILL cannot get those who are in power to hear us, to listen – nor those out in the streets who live everyday lives. Why? Of what are they afraid? Or is it – whom? Is it fear? Apathy? Confusion? Frustration?Another great quote: ‘I will call into the past and beg my ancestors to come and help me for at this moment I am the whole reason I have existed at all.’

Jesus! How I wish that were true because it’s surely time to call out to all who are remembered for their greatness in helping this fledgling country because I’m afraid we’re on the verge of losing it.

¤h/t – Dougie, Cliff Schecter¤

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