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How much were they paid for their spines?

Per my fellow mobster at Les EnragésSad But True, has an excellent post up regarding the recent capitulation by the Democrats.

…… and “in case you didn’t already know, amendments to FISA were the chief concern of the USA PATRIOT act, so this is really the second time the law has been re-written to suit Bush’s unwillingness to accept any limitations to his power.”

There it is – right there==>: ‘Bush’s unwillingness to accept any limitations to his power.’

Kind of goes hand-in-hand with this discussion at Jolly Roger’s Revolution 2.0 about how much of our comfort are we willing to compromise as we see our civil liberties and freedoms being eroded. How much comfort are we will to forego so as to not lose our freedom and liberty altogether just to satisfy the fascististas currently in power?


3 Responses

  1. And what really galls me is that DiFi (my senator) was one of the Democrats that voted for this travesty. What a worthless tool she’s become.

  2. I’m thinking they sell out pretty cheap.

    There isn’t enough lipstick in the world to pretty up those pigs.

  3. Over at Les Enrages, someone wrote they were so pissed off their lipstick was melting.

    Fuckers! Let’s hear about their grand plan.

    Dianne Fi, eh – Kovatch. Predictably my two red-state reps voted for it, so I already knew THEY would sell the American people out. What fucking idiots! What fucking idiots.

    Is it us? Are WE crazy?!

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