Oliver Hill – Truly an American Hero

I saw this story yesterday in the Washington Post and was surprised not to see much mention of it on the blogs I frequent.


An undated 1954 file photo shows the lawyers for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc. From left, Louis L. Redding, Robert L. Carter, Oliver W. Hill, Thurgood Marshall and Spottswood W. Robinson III.**

Mr. Oliver W. Hill, 100, died in Virginia yesterday. “Hill was an instrumental member of an NAACP-affiliated legal team that persistently attacked segregation. He also was a lead lawyer on a Virginia case later incorporated into Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 case in which the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregated schools unlawful.”

There were a number of quotes from Mr. Hill; I found this very telling as well as insightful of course.

“He told the publication Human Rights in 1994: “I can’t understand why Americans are willing to send their children — black and white — to foreign lands to fight, and sometimes die, to preserve the American concepts of freedom, democracy and civil rights, when at the same time these same Americans are unwilling to undergo an occasional inconvenience or suffer a slight financial loss to help break down racial barriers and racial discrimination in this country.”..….

As well as this: ” ……One of his early victories was an equal-pay case involving black teachers in Norfolk. Hill also worked on segregation matters including voting rights and redlining, a discriminatory mortgage-lending practice.

** (AP Photo/Courtesy of the NAACP, HO, file) (Anonymous – AP)


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  1. somewhere on npr had a great story on this man. monday all things considered, or maybe morning edition.

    i was surprised at the lack of other news or blogs coverage.

    here is an interesting article at espn re: michael vick, also. civil rights history in atlanta.

  2. I was too, Jenn. What a tremendous man; a real American hero that kids would do well to emulate. I’ll check out NPR.

    And the article on Michael Vick. I have a guy who’s a conservative who comes by who writes about football and politics. Interesting….

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