Nick Gummersall – 28th Idahoan…..

Edit: This is one of the reasons I find this young man’s death obscene. As is so obvious to me, particularly with this military action, the reticence of those who supported our role in wrongly invading Iraq under false pretenses and perpetuated our role in the destruction of Iraq, who encourage it, who finance it, who promote it – are NOT doing a thing to fight it, physically nor have any intention of having their family actually fight, is just downright cowardly.

Romney: And one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.’

Yeah, right up there with Cheney’s 5 deferments ‘because I had other priorities’ during the Vietnam War era when I served. And, Romney’s own because he was on a mission for the LDS church.

I think ‘Northwest Progressive‘ gets it.

This is just obscene:nick-gummersall.jpg

Nick Gummersall, Pocatello, was killed outside of Baghdad on Monday. He was on his “fourth tour in Iraq and scheduled to return home next month.” Fourth fucking tour! Since the beginning of the Iraq invasion, Nick is the 28th soldier from Idaho to die.


They work the Black Seam – II (updates)


7:00 pm (MST)  ~  Attempts to reach miners trapped underground have been slowed by what the mine company’s CEO calls ‘seismic activities 

Just saw this on the front page of CNN on the yellow banner.  Murray has been adamant about there having been an earthquake which is in disagreement with seismologists there.


 12:30 pm (MST)  ~  “Three of the trapped men are Mexican citizens, Salvador Jimenez, Mexico’s consul in Salt Lake City, told AP.”  Robert Murray is a Republican contributor; he’s contributed large sums to Mitch McConnell’s campaingns.  Murray has ‘threatened’ MSHA inspectors by citing his friendship with McConnell and McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao – Labor Secretary, government umbrella of MSHA.


 9:10 am (MST)  ~ Around 9:10 am, I turned on CNN to check the news cycle and a news conference was just getting underway with Robert (Bob) Murray, owner of the energy company who owns and operates the mine. It is now 9:55 am. The man has been rambling on and on and on.

And he’s off again about “the lackeys of the United Mine Workers”

The United Mine Workers of America is critical of the Crandall Canyon operation, which employs non-union miners.” (SL-Tribune)

He’s adjusted the ancestral origins of the miners as “3 are Hispanic, 3 are of mixed-European descent.”

They work the Black Seam


Early yesterday, a coal mine in Huntington, Utah collapsed trapping six miners. Admittedly there wasn’t much news coming out at first. However as the situation rapidly deteriorated because that ‘window of opportunity’ for swift resolution was vanishing, more news filtered out and information turned up regarding the company, its safety records, its workplace violations. This story on Yahoo was disheartening enough if not for the headline alone, ‘Efforts to reach 6 Utah miners failing, and became even more so when I spotted this tiny paragraph in the middle of the article: Continue reading