Nick Gummersall – 28th Idahoan…..

Edit: This is one of the reasons I find this young man’s death obscene. As is so obvious to me, particularly with this military action, the reticence of those who supported our role in wrongly invading Iraq under false pretenses and perpetuated our role in the destruction of Iraq, who encourage it, who finance it, who promote it – are NOT doing a thing to fight it, physically nor have any intention of having their family actually fight, is just downright cowardly.

Romney: And one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.’

Yeah, right up there with Cheney’s 5 deferments ‘because I had other priorities’ during the Vietnam War era when I served. And, Romney’s own because he was on a mission for the LDS church.

I think ‘Northwest Progressive‘ gets it.

This is just obscene:nick-gummersall.jpg

Nick Gummersall, Pocatello, was killed outside of Baghdad on Monday. He was on his “fourth tour in Iraq and scheduled to return home next month.” Fourth fucking tour! Since the beginning of the Iraq invasion, Nick is the 28th soldier from Idaho to die.


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  1. It is entirely obscene. I don’t know which hell is worse, the dead or the wounded. I keep seeing those boys from time to time on the Bus, since the route I use goes to/from the VA hospital here, and they are shattered.

  2. By the way, I am stealing your distress flag!


  3. I know, Kel. We see them here at the hospital, brain injury rehab. JesusChrist. They are a fucking mess.

    Actually, I think I stole that flag from Les Enrages! What goes around, comes around.

  4. to say he died for nothing is wrong….what point are you trying to prove for him? he died for your fucking freedom. what sort of life is this anyway? He fought for a good cause that you can hardly comprehend, died for it, then people write fucking dumb ass blogs about how he fought for nothing. THAT is what’s disrespectful.

  5. My cousin, Nick, died doing something that he believed in. I’m not sure what is wrong with that. Not only did he die serving our FREE country, but he did it for ungrateful people like those that commented on this blog. You dont have to agree with what the current Presidents decisions are. my cousin chose to defend something that is right and i’m certainly proud of him for it. Nick is my hero

  6. The ungrateful people who comment on this blog?

    I get tired of this. I really do. No one said or insinuated Nick died for nothing or didn’t believe in what he was doing.

    What is obscene and STILL is obscene is the reason we invaded Iraq as well as the other bullshit associated with that fiasco. Nick was on his 4th tour! That’s just crazy.

    This isn’t really about Nick. It’s about the cowards who started this all and wanted to maintain it. It’s about greed, power, and $$$.

    I don’t consider anything affiliated with the attack on Iraq as ‘right.’ I’ve been in the military. Many of the people who come here and comment have been as well. Some even retired from the military. We’re very much aware of what one is required to do.

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