They work the Black Seam – II (updates)


7:00 pm (MST)  ~  Attempts to reach miners trapped underground have been slowed by what the mine company’s CEO calls ‘seismic activities 

Just saw this on the front page of CNN on the yellow banner.  Murray has been adamant about there having been an earthquake which is in disagreement with seismologists there.


 12:30 pm (MST)  ~  “Three of the trapped men are Mexican citizens, Salvador Jimenez, Mexico’s consul in Salt Lake City, told AP.”  Robert Murray is a Republican contributor; he’s contributed large sums to Mitch McConnell’s campaingns.  Murray has ‘threatened’ MSHA inspectors by citing his friendship with McConnell and McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao – Labor Secretary, government umbrella of MSHA.


 9:10 am (MST)  ~ Around 9:10 am, I turned on CNN to check the news cycle and a news conference was just getting underway with Robert (Bob) Murray, owner of the energy company who owns and operates the mine. It is now 9:55 am. The man has been rambling on and on and on.

And he’s off again about “the lackeys of the United Mine Workers”

The United Mine Workers of America is critical of the Crandall Canyon operation, which employs non-union miners.” (SL-Tribune)

He’s adjusted the ancestral origins of the miners as “3 are Hispanic, 3 are of mixed-European descent.”


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  1. This Murray guy makes me sick. Since his very first quote after being notified, “I think we’ll get them out alive, 50/50 chance” (quote is my recollection)

  2. His press conferences are all about him. Bizarre. That’s right – you’re fairly close.

    I just find it so interesting that here’s a man who’s ‘friends’ with Mitch McConnell, contributed to his campaigns, and yet three of those miners are “Mexican citizens.” Personally, I don’t care what their status is for being in this country, but if they are considered “illegal” then what’s that say about Bob Murray. Exploiting particular workers while decrying their entry into this country.

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