Construction Accident – Not Another F*cking Mining Accident

(Another F*cking Mining Construction Accident)

3rd Update (5:19 pm – CST)  Via the Princeton Daily Clarion it’s classified a construction accident as those killed were building an air shaft and were employed via contract through a local construction company.  The three men apparently died after falling 500 feet out of ‘sinking bucket.’ I am sorry. 

2nd Update (1:03 pm – CST): The accident is a construction accident not a mining accident. Wellll, that’s a relief. /snark/

Update: Fri 12:25 pm (CST): Gibson County coal officials tell 14 News the three people killed were not employees of the coal mine, but were employees of a construction company from North Carolina.


MSNBC – as I sit here watching – just reported another mining accident at Gibson County Coal LLC, Gibson Mine in Princeton, Indiana. They employ 280 – from ‘Annual Statistics Report for 2006 Underground Mining in Indiana’ . There was a fatal accident in November of 2001 as well.

This from the Courier Press3 confirmed fatalities – occurred approximately 11:00 a.m. (CST)

Dispatchers have confirmed that a coroner has been dispatched to Gibson County Coal for a possible emergency situation.

The accident reportedly occurred over an air shaft construction site at the junction of Indiana 64 and Indiana 65.

Officials with the company said they will release more information in a few minutes.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Princeton is located down in the southwestern tip (in the ‘tail’) of Indiana – northwest from Evansville, closer to Indiana than Kentucky.


Friday update, August 10th

[More current updates here, and here. 8/23/07] 

(Crandall Canyon mine)

The Salt Lake Tribune has some good coverage of the story on the Crandall mine owned by Murray Energy. There’s a multimedia short that demonstrates the megalomania of Mr. Murray – such a piece of work this guy is, and he’s altered his song just a bit.

While conceding his company has done retreat mining, that method was not being used Monday during the cave-in, he said. About 50 representatives of the Mine Safety and Health Administration are on the site, (Richard) Stickler said. He said the mine is in compliance with federal laws.

So the drill got through – nothing yet, but “engineers at the drill holes are leaving the microphone and air monitor in place.” As you can see from the layout below, it’s possible the miners aren’t even the section in which the engineers drilled. They could be holed up somewhere close by . . . . . there are a few possibilities. Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers union, was on CNN this morning and said the same thing – the miners could easily be somewhere else. Continue reading


It’s been a fast week. I’m ready for a …… nap!



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Midnight update

12:45 am (MST)

Currently watching an update on CNN about the Crandall mine in Utah.

Bob Murray has twice referred to the miners as “bodies.” He just did it again. He did it earlier yesterday afternoon when I was watching CNN.

And I also see there are two one new ‘spokesman’ for Murray Energy. Mr. Stickler is “head of the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration.”

Ahh…a reporter caught it and asked about Murray’s use of the word “bodies.” Murray apologized, unintended.