Crandall mine update – 6th day

Edit: 1:55 pm (MST) Watching news conference now…..well – not much that’s new. Richard Stickler, Asst Labor secretary (MSHA) talked about what’s being done to improve and ensure the safety of those conducting the rescue while slogging forward as speedily as possible, which is still just too slow for those waiting of course. A third hole is being drilled into a ‘bleeder area’ of the mine diagonally.

And, I still find that Bob Murray totally insufferable.

A news conference is scheduled at 1:30 (3:30 pm – EST). Still – no sign or signs of the six missing men.

This headline from Reuters says it best: Hope fades for trapped Utah miners.

The damage to the Crandall Canyon mine and the trapping of six workers appears to have been caused by the floor rising and the walls falling in and not a ceiling collapse, a federal regulator and other sources say. Continue reading


Protesters at Cheney’s Wyoming home

Power to The People – Wow! Listen to this:

“We have a long history of anti-war activism so it seemed like the right thing to do,” Brummer, of Boston, said. “We’re here in particular because I think Dick Cheney is a criminal in virtually everything he’s touched or had involvement in, whether it’s the war or economy or civil liberties.

From the Casper Star Tribune. This is where Dick lives.

From New West – Boise:

On Thursday nights on the Jackson Town Square, Hogan and others have assembled to protest the war. Continue reading