Protesters at Cheney’s Wyoming home

Power to The People – Wow! Listen to this:

“We have a long history of anti-war activism so it seemed like the right thing to do,” Brummer, of Boston, said. “We’re here in particular because I think Dick Cheney is a criminal in virtually everything he’s touched or had involvement in, whether it’s the war or economy or civil liberties.

From the Casper Star Tribune. This is where Dick lives.

From New West – Boise:

On Thursday nights on the Jackson Town Square, Hogan and others have assembled to protest the war.

In recent days an unnamed group had taken out full-page advertisements in the local press announcing the march. The ads also blamed the vice president for the deaths of American soldiers and Iraqis and for taking his August vacation in Jackson Hole and going fishing, a favorite Cheney past time, “while Iraq burns.”

Since his arrival here earlier this week, Cheney has come under fire from locals complaining about black helicopters, presumably part of the vice president’s security detail, flying overhead and disturbing their peace. During his four-decade Washington career, Cheney’s frequent August vacations in Jackson had never met such bold and outspoken public protests before today’s rally.

Good for them. And for added edification, check out Democracy.Com’s ‘Dump Dick Day Campaign’.

The 9th of this month was “the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation in the face of impeachment. Of course, Tricky Dick was a rank amateur compared to Darth Cheney and The Decider. They’ve not just repeated his crimes-they’ve redefined the phrase “abuse of power.


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  1. Video of Cheney protest in Jackson Hole. Children watch as protesters topple effigy of Cheney and kicks its head.

  2. Is this your point, Peter? “Children watch . . . . . “

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