Fighting our image as bigots

idaho.jpg Except for time spent in the military and a 7-year spell in Ohio finishing college and working, I’ve lived in Idaho. For many folks I ran across, I was the first person they’d ever met from Idaho.

Most people were aware of the slogan, “Idaho potatoes”, and of course our unfortunate and misinformed reputation based upon the white, Nazi-based white supremacy of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations. The complex in Hayden Lake was a refuge for this scum until a law suit in 2000 awarded in favor of the mother and her son who had sued; the property was ultimately sold to satisfy the judgment. The Aryan Nations name can no longer be used and is officially no longer part of the Idahoan landscape; and, Mr. Butler is long deceased.

Enter Bill Sali (R-Idaho)…….whoo brought this up. Continue reading


Two week notice from Turd Blossom

More as we go along . . .

Marcy Wheeler at ‘The Next Hurrah’ with her list. Jane at firedoglake thinks no speculation from the press as to ‘WHY’ is one reason our press is asleep at the switch in this country. No, wait – that’s me. But Jane helps make my case.

  • What’s up with this – now? As Joe Sudbay at Americablog termed it, “the biggest rat of all is jumping off the sinking Bush ship.” Okayy. But something is up . . . . . we know these people.



Update on Nick Gummersall

Wonder if Fred Phelps and his idiotic family band will have the audacity to show up here.

Local patriots, veterans and citizens plan to give Sgt. Nick Gummersall a hero’s welcome when the plane carrying his body lands at the Pocatello Regional Airport this week….. His father, Clay Gummersall, said his son’s remains will arrive in the Gate City Tuesday or Wednesday, and he said members of the POW/MIA Awareness Rally will escort Nick’s body from the airport.

Funeral arrangements will be released when the family has an official arrival time, and Clay Gummersall said services will be conducted on the Century High School football field. Clay Gummersall wants his son to be remembered for his positive outlook on life. Continue reading