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Bore hole #4…….

CNN & other cable news stations are showing a video Bob Murray made conducting what’s been going on to facilitate the mine rescue at Crandall mine. Yeah, it’s informative. It’s also gives ole’ Bob the platform to continue on the seismic activity hypothesis. He keeps referring to that “seismic activity”, “the earthquake”. Here’s a message for ya, Bob.

[bookcliffs6375:8/13/2007 10:08:00 PM]
Dear Uncle Bob , would you please quit saying it was an earth quake, do ya really think those folks at the USGS and U of U and UC Berkely are idiots? do us all a favor here in Carbon/Emery County and Cowboy Up and accept that it was a massive “Bounce” from taking coal off the pillars in the “Mains” that caused the seismic readings, we would have alot more respect for you for it, Thanks Bobs,, Long time Carbon County Resident.

Christ – what a labor intensive job….my gawd! Now the continuous miner is being shown digging. I get claustrophobic just watching that – there’s little maneuverability room.

Switched to MSNBC, Jeff Goodell  (Goodell wrote a book entitled, ‘Big Coal.’) is there explaining the process and a few incredible lengths of survivability of miners in China (2 men survived 23 days in a coal mine, 1984), and in Australia (2 men, 14 days in a gold mine, 2006).

Now, Bob is back – he’s showing another video of the drilling sites on the side of the mountain, from the original drill site, the roads that had to be built to traverse from drill site to drill site.  Bob: There are five engineers sleeping up on the mountain choreographing the drilling. Fast forwarding the video to come down to ‘ground level video.’  Not much really, heavy machinery and ground busting with fairly freshly felled trees and moved earth.

Bob: The video was prepared to give the families information. “When the seismic activity first occurred at 2:38 am, last Monday(?)…..” He throws that in at every opportunity – it’s tiresome. It’s affords him absolutely no protection. It was not ‘an act of God’, Bob. It was your mining practices.

Now we’re talking about going on for the families. No criticism from the families, according to who? Bob! Translators were hired to converse with those who don’t speak English. The Mexican consulate has been very helpful; there’s an consulate in SLC.

Clarification from Stickler (MSHA):

  • Bore hole #1 – Air samples are being taken out from this hole (first hole drilled, original)
  • Bore hole #2 – Air is being funneled into the mine.

Stickler from MSHA will be going underground this afternoon, as well as meeting with Bob & Murray Energy reps.


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  1. More of this needs to come out. Yours is one of the only blogs I have found that’s giving any attention to this. I guess corporate greed, worker safety, energy related stuff (like, who digs the energy from out of the ground), and related issues aren’t as juicy as, say, Bush’s Brain resigning or more pointless twaddle about impeachment.

    This mine was cited for 300 safety violations in the last three years. Three miners died in Indiana last week, too. Anyone listening? This is a labor issue, if nothing else. The left used to give a damn about labor. Hello?

    Keep it up.

  2. first — thank you for writing what — as a former
    hard-rock miner — i’ve been thinking about this
    tragedy all along. that is — a sham-earthquake
    offers a more defensible position in settling the
    ensuing litigation for smaller numbers. and, that
    i offer as a current lawyer, who was once a miner. . .

    second — thank you for placing my blog in your blogroll.

    i’ll be back to look in here from time to time. . .

    keep up the good work!

    p e a c e

    — nolo

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