A bit on today’s news conference with Miner Bob

I was just about ready to skip out to work and up came a news conference on CNN & MSNBC.

Just the usual from Bob Murray. He reports he brought in several ‘new’ managers from his corporate office with over “500 years of experience” to shore up those who are already there in Utah.  A cousin (Bodie Allred) of one of the miners, Kerry Allred, is speaking.  Bodie Allred identified himself as ‘the safety officer.’  Mr.  Bob is finding it necessary to clarify and “correct”  his previous statements when a reporter asks Mr. Allred a question.  Mr. Allred is also using the phrase ‘seismic activity.’  Hmmmm…….

Now – Mr. Stickler is up……discussing the area where the miners could possibly be – again.  (I’m off to at work.)

The SLC Tribune has an update regarding the third hole drilled. It’s through into the mine, however, for some reason the microphone will not go through.

As of early afternoon, efforts were focusing on pulling out the drill apparatus in order to attempt to lower a video camera into the bore hole, a process expected to take several hours. 
It was unclear why a camera could be lowered, but a microphone could not.

The Tribune also has a small bit on the lure of wages to those who are Mexican nationals.


Brass tags –

Just happened to check on the blog, The Pump Handle, this morning. There’s an editorial written by Tom Bethell – The Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg, KY posted there with permission. Yeow! My kind of writing! It’s entitled, ‘Mr Murray’s Misstatements’ – and contains this slap:

“Meanwhile, everyone anxious about the fate of the miners has had to endure a week of watching the mine’s owner, Robert Murray, demonstrating why he doesn’t deserve to be trusted with the facts, let alone the lives of thousands of people who depend on him for their livelihoods.”

Yesterday, I caught a couple of stories on NPR had a couple of stories on the Crandall mine in Utah, one in which identification tags were mentioned. Pretty damned sobering.

{Addendum: 12:40 pm} AND – nolo at Indict Dick Cheney has a picture up of their own brass tags from their ‘humble beginnings.’ Gives it clarity.

Only privately, and after you know them awhile, the coal miners will tell you they suspect the trapped men are dead. But publicly, they say their hope will be gone only when the “brass tags” are found. Every coal miner has one fastened onto their belts. It has the miner’s Social Security number and name, and is often the only thing left that’s recognizable. Continue reading