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Tula Connell at firedoglake has a tremendous piece up about the 100-year struggle for mine safety.

Ariana Huffington assailed the NYT’s coverage of the Utah mining story (as well as the MSM) versus that of the SLC Tribune’s. Finally….something from the NYT

The SLC Tribune has tremendous coverage. Here’s the most recent story with Ole’ Miner-Bob’s interjections regarding “seismic activity” everywhere.

Robert Murray told a briefing late this morning that repeated seismic activity inside the Emery County coal mine last night and again this morning had resulted in more tunnel debris. That interrupted the already agonizing pace of digging from a parallel shaft to a cavity where the six are believed to have been cut off by an Aug. 6 cave-in.

The Pump Handle blog has a legitimate question regarding workplace safety for miners and the use of tracking devices. Remember video and live footage of 9/11 in New York City and that endless chirping of the firefighters personal safety trackers. In case you missed it, The Pump Handle also had an excellent piece written by Tom Bethell (“The editorial was written by The Mountain Eagle Contributing Editor Tom Bethell, who has covered coal for the paper off and on for nearly 40 years….is a former research director of the United Mine Workers of America. He was part of a team that investigated the Sago mine disaster in 2006.”)

The United Steel Workers issued a news release of support.

While our thoughts and prayers go out to the trapped miners and their families, we would be remiss in our responsibilities if we do not declare, in our loudest voice, that in order to sustain safe workplaces in the mines and every other place of employment in the nation, workers must have a voice on the job. That voice is strongest when workers’ join together to form a trade union with democratically elected representatives.

I’m out today; it’s my birthday and I have an 20-month granddaughter I’m going to hang with this afternoon.


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  1. is it possible that all of the building,bridge and mine collapses related to internal and earth shakeing could be due to government sonic and atmospheric experiments at nearby research labs such as nearby IDAHO NATIONAL LABS RUN BY THE NAVY AND DOE? the HAARP experiment,etc!!! alaska where HAARP IS GOING ON NOW is experienceing a large amount of quakes(gakona HAARP experiments?)
    these are being ramped up this summer to work on the USA defence shield.


  2. Mr. Rasputin –

    Do you have something to reference OR are you going to force me to use Teh Google on a vacation day?

    Not sticking up for the gov’t (which right now – to me – means the fucking Bush administration), the INEL is ‘near’ Idaho Falls, as below. Idaho Falls is approximately 300-350 miles from Huntington (as the crow flies). I don’t know the makeup of the Earth betwixt the two points. I’m not a geologist of any sort.

    The INL consists of an 890-square-mile area in southeastern Idaho typically referred to as the “site,” along with laboratories and administrative buildings located approximately 30 miles east in the city of Idaho Falls.

  3. The Idaho National Laboratory is too far away for any tests to be linked — more likely would be eruptions from the Yellowstone Caldera, either increased geyser activity or earthquakes.

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