Fire Season is still on!

Last week there was a day where there was so much smoke floating over the mountains and foothills, I would’ve thought we were in LA or somewhere. It was just awful. The primary culprit there was a fire burning just over the state line in Oregon. We’re only 50 or so miles from the Oregon border.

There are fires currently burning in the Boise and Payette National forests that are causing officials quite a bit of concern. The governor called for the evacuation of tiny Yellow Pine (south of McCall) and some residents have opted not to go. KTVB has a bit on that, but there’s also some video and it really drives home the speed, tenacity, and especially the ferocity of fire.

rattlesnake-fire.jpgSeveral years ago along a stretch of road between Gardenia & Horseshoe Bend, a Winnebago type vehicle with a flat tire scraped the tire rim along the roadway causing a fire. Driving back from a visit with friends in McCall, it was a bit frightening although more sickening to find trees on fire on either side of ID-Hwy 55.

Over the weekend another dust-up occurred burning a ‘mere’ 140 acres. The Rattlesnake Wildland fire along the Salmon River is 0% contained, has burned 80,000+ acres thus far. The Murphy Complex fire is now 98% contained and has burned just over 653,000 acres! I’ll have to look over InciWeb’s tracking and figure out what’s what.


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  1. Fire scares the hell out of me. It can move so fast. We had one in my town several years ago and homes were burning to the ground as the tv cameras looked on. There were no city water lines available at that time in that location so the firemen were helpless to save all the homes. It was so awful to watch.

    When the Daytona fires happened the smoke from them was so strong here that you couldn’t see across the street and Daytona is an almost three hour drive from here.

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