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Oh for Christ’s sake! (Crandall Canyon mine)

[Update: 11:04 pm, MST:   3 fatalities, 6 remain injured (1 miner sent home)]

  • “Pressure inside mine shot coal from the wall” – Breaking News on MSNBC
  • CNN: Waiting for a news conference at a hospital – don’t know which hospital. Dennis O’Dell (UMW) is or was
  • MSNBC – Listening Live to Hospital News Conference will 11 injuries (MSHA official) 9 injured with one seriously
  • Jeff Manley – CEO of Castleview Hospital in Price, UT – thus far: 3 injured from CCM “one serious, one very serious.” Price is approximately 20-25 miles from Huntington.
  • National Mining Associations: Bruce Watzman = talking about the mine and safety. Emails about ‘tracking devices’ questions. Watzman says the “difference is between tracking thru solid ground vs the air.”
  • Governor of Utah, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. , is flying out from SLC.

4 Responses

  1. hey LM/wordsmith —

    while it may still be that
    all six original miners are safe and
    alive at 1,800 feet of overburden,
    this — the loss of limb, and
    potentially, life — in the rescue,
    is powerful testimony to the
    wisdom — geological wisdom,
    garnered over decades of hard,
    often lethal, mine experience, that
    coal seams reach their load-bearing
    stability limits at about 1,500 feet
    of cover/overburden. beyond that
    depth, much wider pillars (and co-
    relatively much more narrow drifts),
    are called for beyonf that depth.

    these miners are missing over
    3,000 feet below what was,
    just 20 years ago, considered the
    maximum safe structural depth
    for coal mining in this region, at
    least at the old pillar configuration. . .

    so, this is truly becoming a nightmare.

    a nightmare of multiple missed
    opportunities — opportunities to
    mine in a safer (but perhaps, in a
    less short-term profitable) way.

    what were the mine supers doing,
    signing off, sending miners below
    1,800 feet of overburden? where are
    the geologists and engineers who signed-
    off on these plans? they need to answer
    for what is happening now.

    the above is my opinion.
    [and perhaps, it is mine alone.]

    p e a c e

  2. the above is my opinion.
    [and perhaps, it is mine alone.]

    I don’t know, nolo – sounds valid to me. I missed the PDF in Tula’s but went back & found it. There was a chat at Jesuit University – VA and I was looking over the transcript from that when this suddenly broke. I’m just about fucking livid.

    Ole Miner Bob will be out tomorrow morning. Now Gary Tuchman on CNN is close to shilling for Murray.

  3. various sources now confirm
    three dead among the nine
    rescuers taken out of the mine
    this evening. another collapse,
    and still over 1,000 from where
    the six original miners are last
    thought to have been working.

    for the record, the original six
    are now being identified by
    various sources they are:

    louis alonso hernandez — age 23,
    manuel sanchez — age 41,
    kerry allred — age 57,
    carlos payan — in his 20s,
    brandon phillips — age 24, and
    don erickson — age 50.

    may the Universe gracefully
    celebrate all the life-energy,
    now returned to Source, from
    these latest three victims in
    the crandall canyon mining disaster.

    and may the rest find the courage, in
    the coming morning, to keep looking,
    and digging, for the six still missing.

    p e a c e

  4. I’d have to check again, but I think Carlos Payan is just 22.

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