Never surrender lightly

Early this morning a response was left for a post I did on Michele Griffin a couple of weeks ago. Michele is the waitress, employed at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH,who confronted the Mittster while he was touring the country pretending to run for president.


I ran across a small news item in the Boston Globe and this sentence caught my attention. “The video was captured by the Washington Post and then promoted on the Drudge Report.” Now just what the fuck do you suppose that means? Welllll…..those of us who dance on the unruly side or frequent ‘foul-mouthed fem-blogs’ or simply have compassion know precisely what that means. The minions of nastiness were called upon.

Here’s the response Michele left, and then there’s my response. Michele’s response wasn’t edited/spellchecked.



I just wanted to thank you for your blog I do have to tell you I only have three kids and they are my life. When I ask Mitt Romney about health care it was’t just for myself but for everyone. I just feel we all should get health care with out having to lose almost everything when someone becomes sick. And I was just trying to find out by frocing people to get it could hurt some people who do get help for low income housing I am really worry about these people they go by there gross income not what they net. How will they live will they have to go with out? michele-griffin-waitress.jpgthat is what I was trying to get across But it came off as me being a mad women who did’t know what she is talking about. I also what people to know I do work and yes I am over waight but I have not always been a big women I take meds that I need to take that have made me gain I don’t like the way I look but it is not like I dont work out and watch what I eat. I think the most hateful thing said abot me was about my theeth I do take care of them the best I can but my kids come frist in my book and I just can’t afford to fix them I have them pulled. thank you for your time and have a great day. and I really hope people do look at the candidates for what they really stand for all the time not just for waht they are saying well running for president.

You don’t have to explain yourself to me nor to millions of other Americans because I know EXACTLY what you meant in your explanation this morning. I knew precisely what you were getting at when you asked Mitt Romney your question. Except for a brief time of a few months while unemployed, I’ve never been uninsured – by an insurance company or HMO. I’ve not had to use Medicaid. I have used the VA system. I count myself fortunate.

What pissed me off the most was Romney’s lack of explainability – his usual showboating. What also pissed me off is that people didn’t listen to Michele when she explained her circumstances. She’s employed; so is her husband. They pay for insurance. They have insurance. They are covered by insurance. Did ya get that? Let’s review – they pay for insurance; they have insurance.

One of Michele’s complaints was the high deductible. For instance, I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield via my employer. The deductible on my insurance is $750. It’s not like I just have that amount laying around collecting interest. To put it nicely: I use the money I earn, as I suppose most of us do who earn wages.

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