Crandall Canyon – Sunday evening update, the 19th

Well, you just had to know this was going to happen. coalminer.jpg

When the VP of Murray Energy came out today and said, “it’s likely they might not be found, sir” in response to a reporter’s question and the media gathered where they’ve been gathering for the past 10-12 days, that not only when the media passed it on, but the families congregated – sparks were about to fly. And so they have.

Channel 2: KUTV; & the SLC Tribune:

‘The families’ have attained the services of an attorney in Price, Utah, Mr. Sonney Olsen who read a statement in which it was stated although the families feel Murray Energy has given up and “are waiting for the six miners to expire.” These families, however, “feel that the rescue capsule is the most efficient method for retrieving the men or their bodies, Olsen said

And this certainly caught my eye.

Moore confirmed Bob Murray has not visited with the families of the missing six since Thursday. Moore said Murray has been attending to the needs of the three men who died and the six who were injured on Thursday.

Today’s Sunday. I’m sorry; I’ve worked in hospitals most of my adult life. Regardless of who you are, most people do not want to see much of anyone except close, immediate family when they are seriously injured or sick. The last person most people want to see is their ‘boss.’

About seven years ago we buried my mother. Neither my siblings nor my father wanted anyone else, even the funeral director, in on our discussions; the funeral director quietly slipped out. So, I sincerely doubt whether Mr. Murray’s presence is necessary or even desired by those whose families members were killed in this latest mishap at Crandall Canyon.

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