Likelihood Crandall Canyon miners won’t be found – Sunday’s News Conference

The news conference just ended. brass-tag.jpg

Not good news……the air quality is at 7-9% from the latest hole that was bored – hole #4. Rob Moore, VP for Murray Energy, reported that a 5th bore hole will be drilled to a depth of some 2200 feet and will take up to 58 hours – 2-1/2 days or so – to drill without any foreseeable problems, i.e., drills breaking, etc.

Nolo from Indict Cheney was a hard rock miner for a time and was kind enough to put together a schematic to give perspective on what’s happening. It is NOT a schematic of Crandall Canyon mine; it is simply to help provide perspective of the depth and the process through which those drilling and digging have had to work. Gary Tuchman, CNN reporter, was taken down into the Crandall County mine mid-week, last week. He talked about a 3-mile distance of “going in.” I thought either I heard him wrong or he misspoke. However, it is 3 miles distance. (Click on schematic to enlarge.)


[Edit: /snark/ Found this posted at the SLC Tribune site. I was looking for this article ‘Safety officials inspect mine, families view video from fourth borehole,’ but it’s not available.]

from ‘aresident’ : Where has mr. big mouth, 50 years, earthquake, I wont leave the mountain till they are out?  Good question, I’m sure from their vantage point.



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  1. another very solid piece, here LM. . .

    just one additional note — i am not
    the GQ guy — far from it(!) — i am a
    solo blogger at

    blogspot, not just com. . .

    the stuff does look
    pretty well-thought-out, though, i must
    admit. . . in any event, i will keep my
    eye on an “october sky” [a fine movie,
    that! — with coal mining, credibly featured,
    in a mostly-true story. . .] moment,
    hopefully to come, for each of the still-
    missing six. . .

    let them resurface. . .

    or, let the Universe grant them
    peace, and rest. . .

    p e a c e

    — nolo

  2. I’ve seen October Sky, nolo. To be honest, I was watching it from the perspective of the boy – the science part of it. Science, biology, radiology – that’s my bent. Although outside of my measly radiographic AA cert from Baylor, my other degrees are in History, & Religious Studies.

    I am, however, compiling a list. I’ll be watching Matawan this afternoon, as well as Harlan County, USA.

  3. my degrees in the sciences are
    all from the university of life. . .

    but in many other ways, i am
    that boy — the boy who escaped
    the mountain mining town. . .

    and lived. . .

    but, yes, there is a mine cave-in
    at the coal mine where he, and his
    father, and his brother, all work. . .

    if figures prominently in the resolution
    of his particular teen angst moment. . .


    s y n c h r o n i c i t y. . .

    — nolo

    ps: i don’t really need to watch “harlan co.”, as
    i — my father, and my brothers, and i — lived
    through the mine strikes
    in the colorado mountains,
    in the late 1960s to early 1970s. . .

    saw also “matewan” a few years back, as well. . .

    a really old movie, that spoke to my (and
    my father’s) irish roots was “the molly macguires“,
    about 1880s(?) mining vigilantism, used to
    break unionizing efforts. . . very poingnant. . .

    oops — look at the time! — gotta’ get
    the grill fired up! talk to you later!

    and, say hi to mike. . .


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