Univ. of Utah Seismograph Station had this to say today:

Say, Miner-Bob! It wasn’t a freakin’ earthquake. And STOP using that stupid phrase ‘seismic event’; it’s your mining practices! How many times I gotta tell ya?!


You’re right; that’s me – musing (fine, screaming) every time I see ole’ uncle Bob’s mug. Okay, okay – here’s what the ABC affliate in SLC really reported.


The University of Utah Seismograph Station today reiterated its position that the original roof collapse in the Crandall Canyon Mine in Emery County was not caused by an earthquake. It said the magnitude 3.9 earthquake August 6th was a recording of the mine collapse itself, not a measurement of the earth’s plates shifting in a quake.

So in conjunction with UofU, the USGS, and U of CA at Berkeley “the seismic event of August 6th” was not an actual natural-occurring earthquake, but the mine collapsing in on itself. Bob Murray continues to insist it was “an act of god.”

The University Seismograph Station recorded last night’s “bump” which killed three rescuers as a magnitude 1.6 event. It said as of Friday morning, 22 seismic “after-events” have been recorded within about two miles of the mine.

Enough with the bullshit……

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