Crandall Canyon – Where’s Miner Bob?

[Another Update – 5:00 pm – Bob’s emailing folks now. . . . . .coalminer.jpg

Faced with a backlash over dimming hopes, a coal mine boss broke his self-imposed silence Monday to issue e-mails lowering expectations that six trapped coal miners will ever be recovered, dead or alive.

Bob Murray, chief executive of Murray Energy Corp., issued an initial statement that promised “we will not be deterred, and we will not leave this mountain until we find our people.”

That was followed a few hours later by another release, saying: “We will not leave this mountain until we achieve a resolution to this tragedy.”

The once-outspoken Murray has been noticeably absent from meetings with relatives and from news briefings since three rescuers were killed last week in a tunnel collapse.

Yep, I’m thinking Bob and Mr. Frock have something in common – grandiosity.


[Update – 2:00 pm I was waiting for the news conference this morning originally scheduled for 11:00 am. However it was cancelled and is tentatively rescheduled for 7:30 p.m. It is thought this is in response to the families criticism and issuance from an attorney acting as the spokesman for the miner’s families.]


Long ago during an aimless stage, I worked for a guy (Mr. Frock) who owned several businesses involved with the ‘internal construction’ of homes – flooring, sheetrock, etc. The man was bipolar and the only person who really knew how to ‘control’ him or at the very least, funnel his “energy” was our company controller; she was our Chief Financial Officer. (I should also add here that Mr. Frock never acknowledged the need for any medication as he never acknowledged he had ‘a problem.’ )

Looking at this picture of Miner Bob (decked out in his mining gear) miner-bob.jpg– and reading this story from the SLC Tribune regarding the curious absence of Bob Murray – the similarities between Bob & Mr. Frock were just a tad . . . . disturbing. Although our Mr. Frock was an incredibly bright man, a voracious reader, and quite the thinker, he impeded our work which ultimately benefited the company, his company, when he was “up.” There was an insatiable need for an audience and once that audience was available – especially a ‘captive audience’ – out came the performances. It was quite entertaining. It was, at times, quite informative. Our controller also considered it detrimental as it took us away from our work.

Perhaps Miner Bob has such a controller as well?


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  1. hey LM —

    i guess, as reluctant as i am to admit
    it, if several geoloists’ epert opinion is
    that the coal seam is presently far too
    non-stable to allow for even an extremely
    risky “front on” approach down the main
    portal, we should respect that determination.

    of course, these same experts would likely have
    suggested that in this mine, under these conditions,
    the six missing miners shouldn’t have been working
    at something like 1,800 feet of vertical overburden.

    we know that now. but congressional hearings, and
    private lawsuits, and government enforcement actions
    will sort all of that out, in the months and years to come.

    right now — i hope murray is paying for airfreight
    for the capsule drilling rig — the one used in the
    quecreek coal mine collapse in pennsylvania.

    that — a vertical shaft to drop a one-miner capsule
    down — is likely the last hope for the six. and the awful
    truth is, no one knows with any degree of probability,
    just where, on the flat-top of my right triange, WHERE
    to drop that vertical bore-hole.

    it would be a wonderful karmic moment if the fifth small
    bore-hole were to yeild some sign of life — as that would
    greatyl help narrow the location of the larger, capsule-
    permitting, bore hole. . .

    being off by even 50 feet, horizontally, on the surface,
    could translate to missing any supposed-air-pocket in
    which the miners might still be — by several HUNDRED
    feet — consideing the angle of “downslope” on the coal
    seam — the actual level at which they were working (see
    my schemeatic if this seems confusing, and imagine one
    of the green vertical lines will be the capsule-bore-hole).

    just the same — keep a good thought.

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