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Waiting on news from Crandall Canyon….

coalminer.jpgI was reading over at Alternet and discovered this little nugget:

“ABC News now notes it took the mine safety administration two days to take public control of the Crandall Canyon Mine.”

How in the hell did I miss that?!   A reminder about Richard Stickler’s record in case I forget.

Here’s a couple of stories I heard on NPR today.  One is about a pastor who is meeting and has been meeting, with the families of the six miners trapped in Utah.  The other story is about what companies do, specifically mining companies, to urge Mexicans to come work in their mines.

There’s this write-up from the Washington Post about the emotional impact on the families and this phrase – “compliance assistance.”  I ran across that phrase yesterday from something I read in the SLC Tribune, but of course cannot find it now.

The agency’s commitment to safety enforcement has been a recurring question under the Bush administration. Dave D. Lauriski, a former mine operator from Price, Utah, who headed the MSHA from 2001 to 2004, shifted the agency’s mission from regulation to “compliance assistance” — persuading mine owners to make changes rather than fining them for infractions.

So Liz Borkowski at The Pump Handle fleshes it out a bit along with some good points.  It’s fascinating reading. 

And if you’ve read this far – watch this video from China in relation to the 181 miners! trapped in a flooded mine.

Finality at Crandall Canyon?

It’s being reported now that after consultation with a “team of experts” MSHA has suspended brass-tag3.jpgall activity at the Crandall Canyon mine as the mine is “too unstable” to withstand such activity.

Murray said mining operations would not resume in the section of the mine where the men were killed and the six miners are trapped.

“We’ll seal off those areas,” he said.

He expects mining will continue in other areas of the mine, though he said it will no longer be called the Crandall Canyon Mine.

Murray said he has been in discussions with his staff about the mine’s future and ways the miners who may be entombed there — as well as those who gave their lives trying to save them — could be honored, though he declined to elaborate.

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It’s been a full two weeks since the miners were trapped. I’m just pretty damned disgusted with Bob Murray, MSHA, not to mention the Secretary of Labor and the bullshit mission statement, as well as her idiotic statement of concern. Her message had this sentence that I think is just bizarre . . . . “These brave men — one of them a Mine Safety and Health Administration professional — made the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live.”

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