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Finality at Crandall Canyon?

It’s being reported now that after consultation with a “team of experts” MSHA has suspended brass-tag3.jpgall activity at the Crandall Canyon mine as the mine is “too unstable” to withstand such activity.

Murray said mining operations would not resume in the section of the mine where the men were killed and the six miners are trapped.

“We’ll seal off those areas,” he said.

He expects mining will continue in other areas of the mine, though he said it will no longer be called the Crandall Canyon Mine.

Murray said he has been in discussions with his staff about the mine’s future and ways the miners who may be entombed there — as well as those who gave their lives trying to save them — could be honored, though he declined to elaborate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been a full two weeks since the miners were trapped. I’m just pretty damned disgusted with Bob Murray, MSHA, not to mention the Secretary of Labor and the bullshit mission statement, as well as her idiotic statement of concern. Her message had this sentence that I think is just bizarre . . . . “These brave men — one of them a Mine Safety and Health Administration professional — made the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live.”

The mission statement for the Dept of Labor reads essentially as such – promoting and protecting the health, safety, retirement security, and competitiveness of the nation’s workforce.

Not whether Bob Murray or others can contribute money to your husband’s campaign coffers and expect some kind of return in response to that donation. Why, I’d call that bribery.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then I ran across this story – I hope hell is going to break loose for Bob Murray, as well as for Mr. Stickler.

Miners’ advocates have accused the Mine Safety and Health Administration in recent years of being too accommodating to the industry at the expense of safety. And they say MSHA was too quick to approve the mining plan at Crandall Canyon despite concerns that it was too dangerous for mining to continue when Murray bought the place a year ago. . . . . Since his brother went missing in the mine, Steve Allred said he’s received a tidal wave of phone calls from people who said mine conditions were unsafe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although I found this a bit troubling, ya know whatever it takes right now for some to cope.

Chelle Taylor, the sister of a trapped miner, has started an online petition at www.myspace.com/saveour6. Taylor said she plans to send the petition names to government officials, including Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and President Bush — anyone other than Murray Energy Corp. and federal Mine Safety and Heath Administration officials.


6 Responses

  1. odd.

    tragic, and odd.

    earlier today, cnn ran a story
    [and i wrote a long comment
    on it, below — which somehow got
    disappeared into the ethers of
    wordpress], that the rig used at
    the quecreek mine, the capsule
    rig and boring machine — was on
    its way to crandall canyon mine,
    according to c.e.o. murray.


  2. That’s because the families are having a fit, nolo. The entire thing is breaking apart. This administration is such a fucked up mess and it shows in its choices of manager, Elaine Chao, Richard Stickler, Brown (FEMA), ……. the VA (Walter Reed, etc.)…..

    The capsule rig, according to some video I watched last night with Kerry Allred’s cousin? brother, I think, said that rig was in California.

    The families are blasting Murray saying the company should’ve been drilling more than one hole at a time, and asking questions – why doesn’t the company have a better idea where those miners were?

    From the report from the Deseret Morning News – now the questions start from the families who were worried previously but too afraid to complain.

    I’ll be following this as it’s about worker’s right and workplace safety and I’m sick of the incompetency that’s just too pervasive.

    Also – the technology according to one report I read has been around for 30 years – the capsule, but used ONCE at QueCreek.

  3. i hear you, loud and clear, LM. . .

    and i agree 100 percent.

    what i had written earlier this
    morning, that got eaten by wordpress,
    was that the quecreek rig will be of very
    little help without a pretty precise sense
    of where the miners might be.

    if you look at that goofy schematic i made
    the other day, and imagine one of the green
    vertical lines is the hole the capsule rig bores,
    it is easy to see how being “off” by only 50 feet
    or so, at the surface, will translate to perhaps
    as much as 300 feet off inside the seam, because
    of the “down angle” leg of the triangle — it is
    much longer than the flat — surface — leg.

    now remember that the surface is NOT flat, so
    undulations in the surface, or rocky outcroppings,
    will make the surface distance measure less than
    perfectly accurate. all of this is BEFORE one takes
    into account that the bore-hole will itself undulate,
    or shift, through the collapsed portion of the coal
    seam — and that could swing things by another
    twenty or thirty feeet.

    so — without a sign as to EXACTLY where the
    six miners might be — the quecreek rig will just
    be punching holes in the dark, and taking a week
    at time, for each hole. . .

    but all of the above DOES NOT mean that murray
    should stop drillling the three-inch bore holes, all
    day, everyday, for at least a few more weeks. . .

    tragic. and mostly preventably so.

    i’ll keep track, with you, LM. . .

    p e a c e

    — nolo

  4. so — without a sign as to EXACTLY where the
    six miners might be — the quecreek rig will just
    be punching holes in the dark, and taking a week
    at time, for each hole

    Exactly! And Murray should not stop drilling the bore holes. (bore holes or boreholes?)

  5. if murray is involved, that would
    mean they are “bore” holes, or
    [wholly-]boring, even. . .

    p e a c e

  6. I found your long comment, nolo. Spam filter works! 😀

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