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“I was the first man in and the last man out.”

I’m not sure how to say this without it looking bad for me. It takes a bullshitter to know a bullshitter.

Bob Murray is a bullshitter; I know. I’ve done my share of bullshitting. Fortunately I got clean & sober and have been reaping the benefits of sobriety, therapy, and growing up. I’m rarely able now tocoalminerlarge.jpg (tolerate) bullshitters or drama queens/kings. I don’t want to take the time or give up any energy in listening, let alone deciphering their bullshit.

From the moment I heard Bob Murray rambling on for about 10-12 minutes on CNN at that first news conference held regarding Crandall Canyon mine, I knew he wasn’t much more than a crass spotlight-hugging bullshitter, replete in that paradigm of grandiosity. Sometimes it’s hard stomaching the likes of someone so very ostentatious, especially when they are responsible for the lives of other people. He talked about him, his company, the importance of coal, more on him & his company before he made mention of the miners. At that time CNN called it ‘bizarre.’

Crooks and Liars has video of CNN’s Kyra Phillips interviewing (stroking) Bob Murray, talking about drilling more boreholes. As Kyra characterizes it, poor Bob is “still taking heat over that rescue mission and the overall safety of that mining operations.” Murray responded about closure of the mine.

“When I helped rescue the heroes ….. Thursday night from within the mine, when I came out the following morning I told Mr. Stickler that the mountain was alive and I had no plans to go back into the mine.”

Not true. Rob Moore, VP – from the media briefing with KSL on August 19th –

Moore said, “It would be our intent to continue mining. This mine has operated safely in the past. Prior to these tragedies we had operated 337 days without a loss time accident.”

So the shit hit the fan and was spattered and now the story changes.

Again, per a story I heard on NPR, on ‘All Things Considered’ the same date – Sunday:

Moore says that his company intends to re-open other areas of the mine where coal reserves exist. Family members responded to the news with emotions ranging from frustration to anger.

Murray is blatantly lying when he says there was never any intent to go back into that mine and restart mining. Murray has this insatiable need for the blame to be placed on the United Mine Workers union who he accuses of starting rumors and preying on miners.

Bobbb…….take a look in the mirror, dude.


2 Responses

  1. It is a known that if you take the position of a miner you will be putting your life in danger, that is the risk of the trade.

  2. It is a known that if you take the position of a miner you will be putting your life in danger, that is the risk of the trade.


    The American people, as well as others, you included in Canada, need to remember who helps brings electricity to your life. It’s these miners as coal STILL accounts for roughly 50% of electricity.

    Risks? Of course. I work in medicine; I run the risk of getting infections, etc., from patients, other staff, etc., that does not preclude my taking precautions. There’s no need for these miners to be placed in the position they are placed, and there is no reason to NOT protect them from the risks.

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