LaVena’s Johnson Father Wants An Investigation

dr_john_johnson_vfp.jpgHe wants to know WHAT really brought about her death. The military ruled it suicide; her family believes she was murdered. The military refuses to reopen the case.

Here’s what he had to say at last week ‘Veterans For Peace’ speak-out at the VFP conference in St. Louis, Missouri. There’s more about LaVena’s story here as well with the petition page being here. Here’s some further background.lavena11.jpg

Vanessa at Feministing has written about PFC Johnson, and she has updated. The family is STILL not getting anywhere and this needs more exposure.

This IS ABSOLUTELY important. I was never sexually assaulted. I was sexually harassed unbelievably – unbelievably! The final straw came while I was assigned to a medical clinic in Erlangen, Germany. I filed sexual harassment charges against our NCOIC – SSG Courier – with the Inspector General (IG) in Nürnberg. That was in 1976; I was 22. He thought nothing would happen. The IG’s office sent someone immediately, they talked to me. They talked to the other women assigned to the clinic. They talked to the men who had witnessed the two confrontations that morning, my coworkers that is. I don’t know that any of the male patients sitting in the waiting room who heard were asked about what happened.

We had worked all day and then had ‘call.’ Usually being ‘on call’ wasn’t anything to write home about, and there were three of us ‘on call’ at time so someone could get some sleep. However, this night we were up all night. About 4:00 am or so, I went downstairs to lay down; we had a room in the basement with a bed & lamp. 30 minutes later, I was up, and we were off again. At 7:30 am, my NCOIC “confronted” me while I was behind our front counter signing in GIs coming in for sick call. I was there with the two men (medics) with whom I had spent ‘on call.’ The patients (all male) were in the waiting room, 3 feet from me. My NCOIC said he had found a candle downstairs. I said, it wasn’t mine; it was already there and I hadn’t lit it. He then said he’d found ‘fresh cum stains’ on the bed, and by the way, was I pregnant because my breasts looked fuller. (Yeah, he did say breasts although he was more the ‘titty’ type). My compatriots froze; the waiting room froze. My NCOIC had this shit-eating grin on his face. Something in me snapped. I’d been up for 30 fucking hours doing medical shit and now this cocksuker wanted to give me more shit. I told him he had 10 seconds to apologize or I would go to the IG. He smirked and said ‘the IG won’t do nothin’. I got off at 8:00 am, dragged my (later husband) boyfriend with me to Nürnberg, filed a complaint with the IG. While the IG was pondering, I flipped out on him as well, wanting to know if it would help if I were something or someone else. I’m not sure exactly what I said. I just remember the look of alarm he gave Mike and Mike’s half-smile (yes, I’m going to marry this woman) of reassurance.

Well – they did do something. SSgt Courier lost his NCOIC-ship. He was demoted in rank from SSG to Sgt (from E-6 to E-5) and reassigned to the hospital in Nuremburg – on the psych ward actually. And I, I was more fortunate than LaVena.

(I also found this website: Stop Command Rape )

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