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Sunday morning update (8/26/2007): 

Just saw this on CNN – “Official: A news conference will probably be held Sunday afternoon.”  This from “Matthew Faraci, a Mine Safety and Health Administration spokesman on duty at the Crandall Canyon mine.”


miners-from-the-big-mouth-mine.jpgThis is certainly succinct from the SLC Tribune.

The 6th bore hole drilled found no ‘livable space.’ The tunnel in which the borehole broke through was “filled to the top with rubble.” There’s an interactive; it’s a PDF file and it loads a tad slow on my laptop (DSL). brass-tag.jpg

An attorney, Colin King, who is representing “a majority of the trapped miners’ families”reported the miners families have been apprised of the latest developments.

“I don’t think I have to say what their reaction was,” King said of the families’ response to the news, which virtually guarantees their loved ones have not survived.

This is something I’ve not quite grasped the logic. This borehole (the 6th) “targeted the area where the miners were working when the mine collapse on the 6th. The boreholes previously drilled (#1 through #5) were in areas it was thought the miner might be located. To me, it’s been going ass-backwards. Start from where they were ‘thought to be’ and work from there.

There will be a news conference tomorrow afternoon (Sunday). No comment from mining officials was offered to the media who were outside.


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  1. Why don’t they know where the miners were? Why do they have to ask the families where to drill?

  2. I’m not sure how you got that those searching were asking the families where to drill. Did I miss something you picked up on?

    I was under the impression that no one knew precisely where these six men were at the time of the ‘explosion’ or ‘seismic activity’ (as MinerBob calls it). The location of last contact was known, and that’s about it.

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