News out of Huntington

News out of Huntington in regards to Crandall Canyon came with a bit of a flurry.

First – the attorneys representing the miners’ families are demanding release of the “full report of the ground-control rescue system used at the Crandall Canyon Mine to be turned over immediately, The Salt Lake Tribune said Sunday.” This is the report of the inspect performed prior to the death of the three rescuers on August 16th.

Second – There was a briefing with the families with “federal mining officials” (who I translate as MSHA) at noon advising the familes a robotic camera will be used to go into the previously drilled fourth borehole, and that a seventh (7th) borehole is being drilled. This area is the “so-called kitchen area of the mine where the men keep their lunches.”

Per one of the attorneys for the families, Colin King: “We’re very excited about it. The families are thrilled to hear this.”

Third – As reported by The Deseret Morning News:

Bob Murray made good on his threat to cut jobs in Utah’s coal country early this morning.

The owner of three Utah mines met with workers at the Tower Mine in Carbon County at 7 a.m. today. During the meeting, Murray told workers he is shutting down the mine and offered workers there jobs at his other mines in Illinois and Ohio, several laid-off miners said.


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  1. lately i haven’t been able
    to sleep at night, for thinking
    of these six men — missing now
    almost a month — under millions
    of tons of coal, and surrounding
    rock. . . i will have more to say
    about this later, but in preparation
    for explaining why the “lunch-room
    bore-hole” [number 7] may well be
    too little, and too late. . .

    i did a more professional job of
    working out a three dimension
    schematic of the “floor”, or
    “foot-print” of the western
    portion of the crandall canyon
    coal mine

    click on it to enlarge — and feel
    free to use, or report it if it is of
    any help to you — please, just don’t
    re-sell it — like anyone would ever
    buy it. . . he he!

    p e a c e

    — nolo

  2. Pfftt…..

    click on it to enlarge — and feel free to use, or report it if it is of
    any help to you — please, just don’t re-sell it — like anyone would ever buy it. . . he he!

    I’d claim authorship before I’d sell it! Right, that’s if it’s any good. 😉

    Oh crap! I looked it over. Yer name’s on it, damnit! Good job of that, nolo. I’m suitably impressed. Sometimes I’m pleased just to bold and italicize.

    Your schematic plus the PDF from the SLC Tribune gives people – certainly gives me an idea of the depth, and the areas they’ve been drilling. If people are going to demand energy then they need to see what OTHERS do to make and keep them comfortable.

    IF they’re alive, it’s been three full weeks….21 days. G*d.

    Murray referred to them as bodies twice early on. I think I’ve mentioned that. I think that they’ve had a pretty good idea about the velocity of the explosion and the real likelihood those miners would not come out alive. Especially after the second explosion – those rescuers described it as the walls exploding.

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