New Orleans – 2 years later


In honor of New Orleans today and the fuck up for a president who insists on visiting there after contributing to the financing of its destruction and lack of rebuilding. [Graphic courtesy of Suspect Device] Continue reading


Is Momma Happy?

Look at this picture…..craig_5001.jpg

Now, tell me whether you think Mrs. Craig believes her husband’s bullsshit excuse? side of the story?  That is one sick-at-heart woman.

Protecting Animals from Us

aw-the-dog.jpg Lost in the shuffle of all the “big news”, Abu Gonzo resignation and publication of the Larry Craig primer on airport bathroom etiquette, was this bit of news out of Utah. Via ‘JMBell’ – Henry’s Law was to make animal torture/abuse a felony with the first conviction if I read it correctly, and Utah is one of seven states where it is not a felony to torture an animal. Here in Idaho, it’s a misdemeanor; however, there has been a push to change that as well.

The SLC Tribune delves a bit deeper and talks to Utahan legislators about their votes. By the way, the name ‘Henry’s Law’ came about from Henry of course.

The bill became known as Henry’s law for the small black terrier-Chihuahua mix who lost an eye when owner Rhonda Kamper’s now-ex-husband chased the dog with a leaf blower, stuffed him in an oven and cooked him for five minutes at 200 degrees

Obviously, that man had no clue as to a ‘real baking temperature.’

Here’s Mr. Bell’s response to the recent vote by the Utah legislature. The bill was tabled. Continue reading

Fire season still going strong here

Mandatory evacuation orders are issued for the Castle Rock Fire.

A mandatory evacuation order is still in effect for all residences north of Greenhorn Gulch and south of the St. Luke’s Hospital Bridge on the west side of Highway 75.

The National Interagency Fire Center is based in Boise, and the huge lumbering Orions have been flying over our office several times a day as three of the city’s hospitals sit near the foothills. One local TV station in Boise has been most consistent in listing the areas under the evacuation orders and providing other information. The Idaho Statesman has as well, but the Wood River Journal is closer to the action. Blaine County is keeping information up on their website as well. Continue reading

Still Fighting Fires

Let’s see the Western Idaho State Fair is over, school has started (my 12 year-old nephew is IT!), it’s going to be hotter ‘n hell the rest of the week, and Dunkin’ Donuts to cut trans fat. No worry here though….no Dunkin’ Donuts.

But the state is still on fire. Our little valley hasn’t been bad; in fact, it’s been pretty clear. Not the case up in Ketchum. A city councilman for Sun Valley has been blogging about the fires, as live as can be.

skyview-of-boise-id.jpg Continue reading