Fire season still going strong here

Mandatory evacuation orders are issued for the Castle Rock Fire.

A mandatory evacuation order is still in effect for all residences north of Greenhorn Gulch and south of the St. Luke’s Hospital Bridge on the west side of Highway 75.

The National Interagency Fire Center is based in Boise, and the huge lumbering Orions have been flying over our office several times a day as three of the city’s hospitals sit near the foothills. One local TV station in Boise has been most consistent in listing the areas under the evacuation orders and providing other information. The Idaho Statesman has as well, but the Wood River Journal is closer to the action. Blaine County is keeping information up on their website as well.

However, Nils Ribi is THE MAN. He’s liveblogging the fire in his part of the woods and doing an outstanding and amazing job. He’s got some fantastic pictures too – like these two. fighting-bald-mtn-fire-nils-rabi3.jpgfire-crew-taking-a-break-nils-ribis-blog2.jpg One of the best referencing tools for keeping track of all fires is the U.S.F.S’s InciWeb database. There’s a drop-down menu to narrow the area of concern to either state or incident. Comes in handy when your mountain fire season lasts until after the first snows.




This will put things in perspective

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