New Orleans – 2 years later


In honor of New Orleans today and the fuck up for a president who insists on visiting there after contributing to the financing of its destruction and lack of rebuilding. [Graphic courtesy of Suspect Device]

Here’s a reminder of what he promised just over two years ago and how those fucking promises turned to ?

{Update: 11:50 pm (MST) Look at this fucking idiot . . . . it’s a wonder no one has.}

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – President George W. Bush on Wednesday declared “better days” ahead for New Orleans despite complaints over slow rebuilding and amid lingering political fallout two years after Hurricane Katrina’s destruction


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  1. The Chimpletons don’t care. They only hear what they want to hear; Chimpy gets a pass for all other things.

  2. And he actually said it, he actually said – “better days are ahead.” Well, yeah – ya stupid fuck. Not too many ways they could get any worse!

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