Protecting Animals from Us

aw-the-dog.jpg Lost in the shuffle of all the “big news”, Abu Gonzo resignation and publication of the Larry Craig primer on airport bathroom etiquette, was this bit of news out of Utah. Via ‘JMBell’ – Henry’s Law was to make animal torture/abuse a felony with the first conviction if I read it correctly, and Utah is one of seven states where it is not a felony to torture an animal. Here in Idaho, it’s a misdemeanor; however, there has been a push to change that as well.

The SLC Tribune delves a bit deeper and talks to Utahan legislators about their votes. By the way, the name ‘Henry’s Law’ came about from Henry of course.

The bill became known as Henry’s law for the small black terrier-Chihuahua mix who lost an eye when owner Rhonda Kamper’s now-ex-husband chased the dog with a leaf blower, stuffed him in an oven and cooked him for five minutes at 200 degrees

Obviously, that man had no clue as to a ‘real baking temperature.’

Here’s Mr. Bell’s response to the recent vote by the Utah legislature. The bill was tabled.

As shown in this video from the local CBS affiliate, Channel 2, of course there is dogfighting here. And, as it happens, Idaho and Wyoming are the only two states in the union where the penalty for a dogfighting conviction is a misdemeanor. As the veterinarian interviewed in the video from Channel 2 stated, I would also hope this might change with the upcoming legislative session. And, as noted in the Statesman:

The United States Congress, not known for agreeing on much these days, recently stiffened the penalties for animal fighting without much partisan antics, passing the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act this session.

The House voted 368-39 in favor of the measure. Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson voted with the majority. Rep. Bill Sali voted against the bill. The Senate voted unanimously for the bill, which increases animal-fighting penalties to the felony level.

This was accomplished May 3, 2007.


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  1. Ah yes another Republican closet case has the door pulled open. Big surprise. When will the RNC buy some new Gaydar equipment? Just when I thought all hope was lost though, The Washington Post posted a step-by-step plan to rebuild Larry Craig’s credibility… I don’t think it’ll work, but it’s always worth a try.

  2. Thanks! That’s hilarious. I’ll pass it along to Mr. Craig’s publicist.

    Now Sen. Larry Craig has pulled one Jinga block too many, and his tower is tumbling down. He’s been caught, busted, exposed, disgraced and now comes the most entertaining part: redemption and rebuilding.

    As for your question here: When will the RNC buy some new Gaydar equipment? The sooner, the better – hopefully in time for the new fall fashion show, I mean, legislative session, which begins soon.

  3. Please don’t call me Mister. Makes me feel as old as I am.

    Nice roundup, by the way.

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