Crandall Canyon – The Latest (August 30th)

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U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao announced today that an independent team of mine safety experts will review the actions of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) relative to the Crandall Canyon Mine accident. The review will include actions taken before the August 6 accident and the ensuing rescue operations.

“After discussions with Administrator for Mine Safety and Health Richard Stickler, I am taking the unprecedented step of appointing independent outside experts to evaluate MSHA’s actions regarding the tragedy at the Crandall Canyon Mine on August 6 and the subsequent rescue efforts,” said Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao.


Just ran across this regarding the investigation of the collapsing of the mine at coalminerlarge.jpgCrandall Canyon in Huntington, Utah – August 6th.

Per Mr. Stickler:

“MSHA’s investigation will fully examine all available evidence to find the cause of the ground failure at Crandall Canyon mine and any violations of safety and health standards.”

Remember that Nike commercial, Mr. Stickler – Just Do It. And, do it right.

I have been keeping track of all this. I just haven’t had much time to do much; we’re in the process of finding a solution to working on my father’s dementia, as in the legal issues and sorting out all those ramifications.

I did watch couple of videos of testimony Mr. Stickler offered in front of congressional hearing. One in particular was from March or May of this year; I’ll have to post it later after work. I haven’t offered up much criticism of Mr. Stickler. I would definitely not place him in the same ‘category’ as say, Mr. Brown of FEMA fame – THAT was clearly incompetence. I think Mr. Stickler is qualified educationally. However, if you’re considered a “thoughtful man (although bookish)” per the NYT, then for Christ sakes stand up as an intelligent compassionate man and stop acting like a fucking doofus. I was so disappointed with the video from the congressional hearings. I mean, I’m bright; I’m well-educated as are a lot of people I know. Neither they nor I would ever allow myself or my intelligence to be hijacked the way those who play roles in this incompetent administration have allowed theirs.

Although Stickler apparently started out as ‘a miner’ he did spend a considerable amount of time as a mining executive. And that for me is a bit suspect, sets off all those social justice buttons of my Catholic roots.

Yeah, do it right, and do it just, Mr. Stickler.

* Oh – and let the UMW represent the miner’s families. Talk about fucked up absurd logic.*

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