I come to Sylvia’s for motherf#@king iced tea.

Some of youse mighta heard about Mr. O’Reilly’s recent dust up regarding his seemingly stupid (whoo, how different is that?) regarding how ‘black restaurants are just like white restaurants’ complete with indoors plumbing, running water, and those blow-dryers on the wall in the bathrooms for you to use after you wash your hands.

Crooks & Liars has videosylvia2.jpg from The Daily Show with their crackerjack reporter, oh excuse me – their crackerjack ‘senior black’ reporter, Larry Wilmore on location at said restaurant, Sylvia’s in Harlem. Please pay special attention to Larry’s keen observations about the neighbor and the clientèle.


Larry Craig and Cold Shoulders

Wellll at least it’s another body part involved as this headline from The Idaho Statesman relates.

Craig on the job despite leaders’ cold shoulders

It’s a lonely U.S. Senate for Larry Craig, whose uncertain status has upset his social and political standing in the clubby chamber…… But Craig, looking subdued and worn …….

Yeah, it’s tough. We need a bit of a musical interlude to lighten his spirit. Whadyya say! Lawrence! (Uh-one-a, uh-two-a..)


Good morning from Burma/Myanmar


Burmese Saboteurs

I just about lost my coffee when perusing over here =>> New Light of Myanmar (the official government site).  Oh – Jesus.H.Christ!!, as Sr. Margaret Mary used to say – or maybe it was my mother.

Some monks and people enter homes
Saboteurs threaten families demanding them to join protest if not provide cash, kind
Authorities urge people to make complaints in person or on line to Ward PDCs, Township PDCs or local
authorities against intimidations, extortions, coercion

NAY PYI TAW, 26 Sept — The government has been striving day and night together with the people for the emergence of a peaceful, modern and developed discipline-flourishing democratic nation.[more]

Yeesss, there’s more……

However, saboteurs from inside and outside the nation and some foreign radio stations, who are jealous of national peace and development, have been making instigative acts through lies to cause internal instability and civil commotion.

I wonder if Cheney would be interested in a transfer?

Interesting Bit of News for the Junta – Burma

U.S. Treasury says it has imposed sanctions on 14 senior Myanmar government officials 
Reuters – 12:58pm EDT

The Junta’s Bloodletting in Burma (Myanmar)

Reuters is reporting 9 more killed in Burma, one of whom was a Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai, 50, (APF), as reported also by Reporters without Borders. cowboy-volksmarch-hahnvmarch80.JPG

These are some hard-hearted, hard-headed men who wear volksmarch medals on their chests to bolster their military cred.

I’ve added the Global Voices news feed on Burma to the sidebar on the right, along with a few bloggers listed below, and also found this, RFA Unplugged.

Video from yesterday in Rangoon (Yangon):

Riot at ShweDagon Pagoda East gate in Burma –

And this ‘mild’ video from the BBC:

 Other interesting finds: Assoc. of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), who has issued this blunt statement.

The Monks Continue to Resist

As expected, no matter the intensity or brevity of calls for these generals to chill out, raids were launched in the early dawn raids at those monasteries classified as “rebellious.”monk-demonstration-sept-26-yangon.jpg

The raids suggested the generals, who have lived with Western sanctions for years and routinely ignore all calls for change, were not listening to the diplomatic clamor a day after five monks were reported killed in mass protests.

Thailand has listed a traveler’s advisory for its citizens as has the U.S.; the European Union has urged restraint, as have many other governments around the world, the U.N. is sending an envoy to Maynmar; and Dana Rohrabacher is shooting off his mouth – again.

Witnesses said some protesters pelted police with bottles and rocks while onlookers helped monks escape arrest by bundling them into taxis and other vehicles.

From the Hindu:

An Asian diplomat told The Associated Press on Thursday that Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi remains in her Yangon home, contrary to rumors that she had been imprisoned.

The diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters, said the opposition leader was not taken to Yangon’s notorious Insein prison, but remains in the house where she has been detained for nearly 12 years.

In the Philippines, the Inquirer has more to the above bit on Suu Kyi.

Al-Jazeera has a great write-up on The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) currently based in Oslo, Norway and operated by exiles who are journalists.

The monastery raids were likely to inflame the former Burma’s 56 million people, already fed up with 45 years of unbroken military rule and economic hardship.

“Doors of the monasteries were broken, things were ransacked and taken away,” a witness said. “It’s like a living hell seeing the monasteries raided and the monks treated cruelly.”

People living near Yangon monasteries, the revered moral centre of the Buddhist nation, reported that at least 500 monks were taken away in army trucks.

Here’s an offering from The People’s News:

Some Sources to Use