What the hell is wrong with MSHA!

8:45 am. I can’t keep up with Sen. Byrd…..

Here’s the feed for the live hearing with the Senate Appropriations committee. It requires Real Player.

[Apologies to nolo….. I tried to live blog but now, it’s quite apparent I cannot listen and type at the same time; I get too absorbed in what’s being said.]

Sen Hatch said: “We will not allow him to avoid him answering …. ” referring to Bob Murray.

Sen. Byrd brought up a few things: Continue reading


Hearing on Crandall Canyon – What Went Wrong & How to do Better?

Found this over at Matawan Journals while mine_rescue1.jpgrummaging around the internets. It seemed quite fitting for the hearing that will take place later this morning under the helm of The Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies.

In the event someone is in D.C., and actually reads this, go to Room *SH-216, Hart Senate Office Building; the committee will meet in open session at 10:30 a.m.

The Witnesses:

  • Mr. Richard E. Stickler, Assistant Secretary of Labor (MSHA, DOL)
  • Cecil Roberts, International President (UMWA)
  • J. Davitt McAteer, Esq., (Wheeling Jesuit University) – also head of MSHA during Clinton’s presidency
  • Mr. Bruce Watzman (VP, Safety and Health -National Mining Association)

Ole’ Miner Bob was invited; he declined. Continue reading